Sunday, May 19, 2024 - NEW WEBSITE!

The School Nurse LLC

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Don't worry Diary Of A School Nurse blog isn't going anyway, but I've got some exciting news to share! A brand-new website designed just for school nurses; please check it out at and let me know what you think! Read on for an overview of the four main pages...

A few of you have emailed me wondering where I've been-  Well, I've been busy creating this brand new website just for school nurses!  My goal is to fill it with valuable, convenient, online Continuing Education classes specific for school nurse. I have one course available now and will be adding more soon. So, be sure to SIGN UP FOR COURSE NOTICES and SUBMIT COURSE IDEAS! I want to create courses that you want to take! As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encourage!

The HOME Page

This is where you can learn a little more about me and The School Nurse LLC. There are tabs across the top which will direct you to other pages with the new website too.


The courses page is where you'll find all of the courses created and available for school nurses! My goal is to have one ready to go the by the end of this school year (fingers crossed!). You are encouraged to submit course topic ideas on this page too.


The community collaboration and resources page will offer essential tools, connections, and knowledge to help school nurses. Join us as we build a supportive community dedicated to advancing the field of school nursing.


This is a basic contact me page. Feel free to reach out and I'll reply as soon as possible.


I help school nurses navigate their way through the exciting yet sometimes overwhelming world of school nursing! Are you interested in learning more? Schedule a one-on-one, virtual meeting to address your specific questions and challenges in a confidential and supportive environment.


Monday, January 15, 2024

School Nurse Year in Review 2023

The School Nurse | Looking Back on 2023

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: I know there are many school nurse related social media platforms other than mine & I want to take minute to say how thankful I am to all of you! Your support and engagement mean the world to me. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, liking, commenting, and sharing my content. I am truly grateful for the amazing community we've built together. Here's to another year of shared moments and future connections. Thank you for being the best followers anyone could ask for!


I'm reflecting on 2023 and am thrilled to share the top 5 blog posts that resonated most with the DOASN blog readers. THANK YOU to each and every reader; your support and interest in my content has been a driving force in continuing to publish posts. Here's to more enriching conversations and exciting content in the upcoming year. Thank you for being a valued part of this community! Now, let's take a look at the top 5 DOASN blog posts from 2023!


I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each one of you who has supported my journey through affiliate purchases. Your trust in my recommendations allows me to continue delivering the content you & other school nurses are looking for. Thank you for not only being loyal followers but also for contributing to the sustainability of my social media platforms. Your support is truly appreciated, and I look forward to bringing you more valuable content in the future.


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Thank you again to all my amazing followers for your support throughout the year. Your engagement, encouragement, and yes- the affiliate link purchases have made a difference for me on this social media journey. Please continue to reach out if there are specific topics and/or products you want to learn more about.

As we approach the new year, I am filled with gratitude for each one of you. I am excited about the opportunities and experiences the coming year holds. Wishing you all a fantastic New Year filled with joy, success, and fulfillment. Thank you again for your continued support!

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

School Nurse Starter Scripts - What do you say?

Conversation Starter Scripts for School Nurses

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: SCRIPTS - Can enhance communication by providing consistency, ensuring key points are covered, and improving customer interactions. They help deliver a unified message, maintain professionalism, and handle various scenarios effectively.


I've decided this will be a perpetual post about all about scripts for school nurses!  There are so many and instead of writing individual posts, I will just keep adding to this one :)    

Why School Nurses Should Use Starter Scripts?

School nurses can benefit significantly from using communication starter scripts in specific situations. By having a starter script in place, school nurses can maintain composure and professionalism, even in high-stress situations, leading to better communication.
Communication scripts prove invaluable when discussing sensitive health topics with staff, students or their parents. Addressing issues such as chronic illnesses, mental health concerns, or medication management requires a delicate approach.
A well-crafted script allows the school nurse to choose words carefully, providing accurate information while maintaining empathy and respect for privacy. This consistency in communication helps build trust between the nurse, students, and their families, fostering a supportive and understanding environment within the school community.
Ultimately, utilizing communication starter scripts in certain situations enables school nurses to navigate complex conversations with precision and compassion, ensuring the well-being of students and promoting effective health communication.

If you don't have a script in place, then at least take a few minutes to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

I've used so many "starter scripts" over the years; both verbal and written. They help me guide the conversations into the right direction.  I'll start off by sharing a simple one that I use multiple times a day. You can use it or switch it up to make it work for you. 

Do you have stress out over the thought of making a phone call to a parent? 
Having a phone script (general outline) to get the conversation started might help. I typically start every call the same way....
"Hi, this is First Last Name, the nurse at School Name,
is this parent first and last name?" 
Then, get to your point...  Here are a few options: 
  1. No worries, I'm just calling because ...
  2. "I'm calling because I have Student Name in the office and they are complaining of XYZ."
  3. "I'm calling because Student Name was in the the office. I wanted to let you know that during PE class XYZ. We've (insert assessment and treatment here). Just calling with a heads up so you can follow up with them when they get home from school."
  4. "I'm calling because Student Name was in the office for XYZ. They want to go back to class now, but I want you to talk with them first and then we can decide. I'll need to talk wit you after you talk to Student Name, OK?"
As you can see, this list alone could go on and on! Once you have your routine down, then making parent phone calls will feel like a breeze!  Good luck!


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