Saturday, May 7, 2022

National Nurses Week Cards

 FREE Cards For National Nurses Week & School Nurses Day

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Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Use one of these cards to brighten the day of a school nurse in your life! You can print or download to your computer and send a digital version! Remember- those who feel appreciated always do more than expected.

Short & Sweet Nurses Week & School Nurse Day Blog Post

This blog post is a last minute idea. I was going to provide these "cards" randomly on other social media platforms (which I probably will still do), but then I thought having them all in one place would be nice too.  I hope one of them grabs your eye and makes the school nurse in your life feel appreciated.

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Thursday, May 5, 2022

How Can A School Nurse Connect With Students?

People haven't always been there for me,

but music has. ~Taylor Swift

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Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Music can set the mood in your nurse's office. I prefer to have a loop of quiet aquarium type sounds playing on a laptop in my waiting room.  It is soothing and provides enough noise to buffer some office conversations. 


People love music; it provides a connection to a certain time in their life and brings back emotions. Think about your life and how true that is for you. I know for me, I've loved music for as long as I can remember. I was even "in the band" through high school and even two years in college!  So many of our memories are linked to certain songs- like we could have theme songs / playlists for specific times in our life!  Students can feel this way too-

Use your AirPod donning student's love of music as a way to connect with them. Find out what artists they are listening to and listen to a few songs. Listen to the lyrics & use this as a conversation starter the next time you see the student. You'll probably surprise them by showing interest in something they're interested in! You can keep musical conversation going throughout the year/s with your students.

In my free time, I'm creating a few Amazon Music Playlists for various times throughout the school year. You are welcome to listen to these playlists and maybe even create your own. One request- please let me know (comment or email) songs you think I need to add or playlists I need to create~ have fun listening!

Monday, May 2, 2022

School Nurse Nelda's Office Tour



Helpful School Nurse Tip: As a school nurse, you spend a countless number of hours in your office each day. Having an office space that feels inviting for both you and your students should be a priority.  Create an organized, calming space with the help of these pictures. Have fun! 

School Nurse Nelda's Office Tour


Having an organized work space provides actual benefits; a few benefits are highlighted below. 

Benefits of An Organized Office:
  • Makes a Good First Impression
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Stress Levels
  • Saves Time 
  • Boosts Moral

Now, let's tour Nurse Nelda's Positively Perfect School Nurse Office

Want your office featured in an upcoming blog post? Send pictures to  THANK YOU :)

The Colors of a Colorado School Nurse's Office

I'm so excited that Nurse Nelda decided to share her school nurse office pictures with the DOASN blog readers. Nurse Nelda has a combined her love of education and nursing to create the perfect school nurse career for herself and also a positively perfect school nurse's office! Let's take a quick stroll through her school nurse office space...


Be Helpful and Kind- this is the reminder you'll see near Nurse Nelda's office door. These colorful reminders are perfect for a large wall space and even an office bulletin board. We can all appreciate how the hand sanitizer is front and center too!  Nurse Nelda's office is located inside a middle school building. One of my favorite Dr Seuss books for graduating middle school students (and even high school & college) is Oh The Places You'll Go! There are over 300 Oh The Places You'll Go bulletin board decoration items available on Amazon too! 

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Notice how Nurse Nelda is using her much need storage cabinets to also provide separation between the cots- I love that idea! Great use of using the supplies you have to create the space you need. Each filing cabinet is labeled for each grade level- 6th, 7th, and 8th. With nearly 10  years of middle school, school nursing experience, I know there are probably many days when Nurse Nelda has a full house on these cots! 

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Incorporate these Inspiration Items: 

Nurse Nelda has maximized her office space by creating several treatment areas. The main area includes the sink, full size refrigerator, and microwave. The second area has a wall eye chart, a small mirror, paper towels, and a bright yellow supply cart. Lastly, she has her grab-n-go emergency backpack handy by the door. The Positively Perfect theme is carried throughout each of these areas with inspiration quotes and wall decor!

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Nurse Nelda has a nice desk area with two laptops which makes me hopeful that she has help in her office! I love all of the positive, motivational wall decor items that she has used to make the space her own and to give positive messages to her students. One of my all time favorite ways to decorate at home and at the office is with gallery walls and Nurse Nelda's gallery wall does not disappoint! Take a look for yourself...

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Personally, I appreciate decor that can be used year round and from one school year to another. I don't want the pressure of finding the time and resources to change a bulletin board or other wall space on a regular basis. For this reason, Nurse Nelda's decor style is right up my alley!  Here are her tips for you...

School Nurse Nelda's office is "...great fun to decorate this year! Positivity is the theme and I am coming up with different ideas everyday.  Once you get started it just flows!" - Nurse Nelda


Make your space your own!
Have fun and show me what you come up with-
I'd love to see it and share it with the other DOASN readers :)