Thursday, May 28, 2020

PPE- Face Masks & Vinyl Gloves and No Touch Thermometer

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Planning Ahead- 

Will you need large quantities of PPE for the fall?

Or maybe a new no contact thermometer?

If so, as of  now, these are IN STOCK and are a great price.

What other items can you think of that your school might need?
Comment some other ideas.


Monday, May 11, 2020

School Nurse Monthly Newsletters

School Nurse Topic Ideas Needed

About six months ago I had this great idea to start posting monthly newsletters. 
They were a great creative outlet and I only wished I had "more time" to devote to them.  
Fast forward to today where some would say I actually have have "more time".  
Could it be though, that sometimes "less is more"?

I seem to have more time, but less focus. 
More time, but less creativity. 
More time, but less inspiration.... 
Anyone else feel the same way?  

Well here are my first few newsletters! 
And I've decided to add this back on my to-do list! 
Please comment some topics you'd like me to write about.

Click below for the most recent school nurse newsletters.
And please comment some future newsletter topic ideas.
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Friday, May 8, 2020



I've always loved this quote and have seen it around for years.
Something so easy can actually be so hard; especially
during these trying times! This is just a great reminder for all.

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Be Kind
Be Kind
by The School Nurse