On this page I'm trying to highlight office supplies I use (or ones I wish I used!)
that make the daily functions in run more smoothly. 

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  1. Hi! I'm glad to have found your blog. I am doing research for a school project, and was wondering if school nurses have to pay for their own supplies. Do you have to pay for your own nursing supplies, or does the school provide them? Thank you!


  2. The school nurse has a budget like a teacher, we order what we need for our school with the budget the school provides. However there are some items I know I buy for my kids with my own money.

  3. I buy mini bottles of water every week or two to give to kids who need to take a bottle back to class with them; also juice boxes and peanut butter and cracker packs, mainly for low blood glucose diabetics, but sometimes just because they are hungry and breakfast is past and lunch is a long time off. I do have a health room budget that varies somewhat from year to year. I use it for occasional big ticket items like a digital scale a few years ago and a counter-top ice maker this year; also first aid supplies, etc.


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