Sunday, September 18, 2022

Funding For School Nurse Office Supplies!


DonorsChoose and The School Nurse

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Every school nurse should have a budget to purchase the necessary supplies for their school nurse's office.  How can school nurses increase their supply budget? Read on for more information on expanding your school nurse budget...

How much money is in your school nurse budget?

I have a hefty budget, but there are always a few items each year on my "wish list". I usually try to budget the funds I have so that at the end of a school year I have enough leftover to purchase one of my wish list items.  Not anymore!

Thanks to a participant of The School Nurse Facebook groups (public school nurse Fb group, private school nurse Fb group), I don't have to wait any longer. A couple of years ago she shared how she was able to receive funds and purchase items for her school nurse office by using the funding source DonorsChoose!  

I was hopeful that if she was successful in receiving funding that I might be able to too!  I decided to give DonorsChoose a try and so far I've tallied up four fully funded projects & I have high hopes of many more too!  The process was actually very simple and user friendly. Remember, if her and I can do it, then you can too! (PS you must work in a public school).

To date, I've received over $4,600 in funding to purchase items for my school nurse office & you can too!  You can read all about the projects I've completed HERE or by clicking the image below... Then start your very own project HERE!

  • DonorsChoose is very user friendly! They provide you with step-by-step directions. 
  • DonorsChoose collects all donated money. They purchase the items you've selected.
  • DonorsChoose has the items shipped directly to your public school!
I advertise my projects on my personal Facebook page and ask friends and families to share with others. I have received donations from friends, families, businesses, and even strangers who are looking to support public schools!

start your very own project HERE

Check out all of The School Nurse's fully funded projects by clicking an image below...


Check out The School Nurse's fully funded DONORSCHOOSE projects by clicking an image below...

start your very own project HERE

start your very own project 


start your very own project HERE

start your very own project HERE

start your very own project HERE

start your very own project HERE

start your very own DonorsChoose project HERE

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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