Sunday, December 2, 2012

December already?!

I totally stole these words from a card a fellow school nurse received last  year!
Someone had given her the card and we both thought it was great!
You should be able to R click, save, and print- it is an 8x10!
Perfect to display in your office or to give to your favorite school nurse :)

PS- These original words were written by Gerri Harvey- now retired school nurse!

Friday, November 30, 2012

What time is it? - note card printables

It's 12:47 PM.... 

do you know what your students are doing?

That's right... 12:47 PM...
 not 12:45 PM or even 1:00 PM but exactly 12:47 PM!

Well once, I had a female student she had to take her
birth control pill at exactly 12:47 PM!

:) oh the joys of school nursing!
@ least she was taking the "exact time each day" warning to the minute;
I only hope she will remember warning about taking antibiotics with BCPs...

Anyway, I had a super busy week!

Super busy means the time went by very quickly- which is a plus,
but I also wasn't able to really appreciate all of
the interactions I had with students and staff :(

Do you ever have super busy weeks?
How do you deal with the craziness?

Enjoy the notecard printables :)

Crocs, Inc.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Free 5x7 Printable!

I can't believe it is the second week in November already!
Here is a printable for your office-
right click, save, print :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lunch Ladies Free Printable

it's an average post- a poem, but no printable :(
I decided to go ahead and make the wonderful poem
into a  free printable.  A former student, CP, wrote this
poem his senior year and recited it to the entire group of lunch ladies.
I'm 99.9% certain he was rewarded with a cookie!

right click, save, print as 5x7... should work for you.
If not, please let me know and I'll email it to you.

I'm certain receiving this would make any Lunch Lady smile!

On a totally unrelated note... I am thinking about putting
a picture of myself on my About page!
Evidently blog readers enjoy seeing a picture of the blog writer?
Is that true or could you really care less?
Any opinions?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Emergency Bag for School Nurses

Are you ready for a health emergency?

+ this post contains affiliate links +

I've worked in 4 schools (2 JR Highs and 2 High Schools- currently at a high school)
and health emergencies tend to be similar regardless of what school I am in!
A staff member uses a 'call button' or phone to call the office responsible
for all emergencies (usually the main office of the dean's office).
In a health emergency they frantically say "We need The Nurse"....
then The Nurse is called via a walkie talkie to report to Room # for an emergency.

However, 99.8% of the time I am never told what the emergency consists of!
This used to bother me because I felt as though I was walking into the unknown;
but anymore I'm OK with not knowing- I'm ready regardless of the situation.

Here are some examples of emergencies I've been called to help with over the years:
  • broken bones
  • fainting- especially after a blood drive
  • seizures
  • fights- some are sadly really bad- unconsciousness, broken bones, bleeding- paramedics called kind of bad!
  • strokes- a couple of teachers I've worked with have had strokes @ school. both fully recovered.
  • anxiety attacks
And I'm certain there are more that my memory takes for granted and I'm failing to mention now :)
So, I have learned to be mentally prepared to walk into anything and
I also need to have supplies with me to treat a variety of situations when I arrive.
To help me feel prepared I have arranged an "Emergency Bag"
always stocked and ready to 'grab n' go!' to any emergency. 
I also always bring my walkie talkie to keep in touch
with the LPN (yes, I'm spoiled!) who stays in the nurse's office
eagerly waiting my updates. 
She knows that no news is good news &
something I can handle without help from the outside (ie the local paramedics).
Also, the school security office (a former EMT and firefighter- spoiled again)
 meets me at the call and typically one of the deans arrives too.
The above bag was left for me to use by the nurse I replaced when she left after 14 years service!
I'm not sure where she purchased it, but it works out great!
When kids or staff members see me in the halls with this on my shoulder they know I'm
headed to a situation and they make room for me in the hallways-
which as you know can be really crowded sometimes!
Here is the bag unzipped- it opens all the way open and so I can see everything I have inside.
And what is "everything you wonder"...Let's see-
  I am also lucky enough to have standing orders for the emergency items mentioned above!
As for teacher classrooms- they are offered
gloves and band aids to keep on hand (no pun intended!).
We don't have an actual classroom emergency kit at this point in time-
maybe we will make something in the future;
I'm not sure what our Safety Committee will decide.

Shop for the above items & many more on The School Nurse's Amazon store-

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Real quick, I just need....

I work with high school kiddos, AKA=Teenagers, all day long!
Sometimes, some of them believe when they
don't feel good they have permission to:
  1. act rude
  2. roll their eyes - yes I can see you do that :)
  3. exhale really loudly- as if they want the main office staff to hear them... Why I wonder? I don't know, maybe they think someone from the main office will come down and help them faster than I can?
  4. stand in the doorway and stare at me- I mean really just stare to the point it almost feels uncomfortable- while I am helping someone else.  Why?  Again, I don't know, maybe they think their starting eyes will make me work faster? 
Really, the list could go on and on.
What I want to remind all of the kids who need something in the Health Center
is that each one of them will get their own turn.
They might have to wait 5 minutes, but if they need 5 minutes when
it is their turn- they will get 5 full minutes of my attention!
Please be patient while you are waiting to be the patient!
And also...
Right Click, Save, & Print if you want- it is an 8x8 print
but would fit on an 8 1/2x11 paper cut to size.
I saw a similar phrase somewhere on Pinterest,
pinned by someone who follows me (thanks KS!)
& just had to make my own sign to hang in my office.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pediculosis...Head Lice


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Sounds so fancy, doesn't it?

Well, I suppose..... if you don't know what it means!
However, if you do know what it means you are
probably scratching your head right now!
Pediculosis = Head Lice
The kids are back at school and
they brought some bugs with them too!
I always stress to teachers that
head lice cannot jump or fly...
they can only crawl.
So one must be rubbing heads,
sharing combs/brushes, jackets, head phones, hats,
scarves, blankets, masks (as in Halloween masks),
& more things similar to those listed above.
This information makes the teacher feel better-
but they still leave my office scratching their heads!

This picture shows only the eggs of head lice & no live lice-
I couldn't find a good picture of the live bugs on the hair/scalp.
Believe me though- once you've seen them you'll always
remember what they look like!

Want to learn more about head lice?

The link below offers some great education material-
great resource for staff, teachers, and parents!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Epi-Pen For Schools

Have you heard the great news?

Mylan, the manufacturer of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr.,
is providing schools two FREE Epi-Pen 2-packs. 

Any public/private Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle,
or High School in the US can choose:

1. A 2-pack for each dosage (with training device)
2. Two 2-packs of one dosage (with training device)

A valid US physician prescription is also required.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

School Nurse Note Cards

Want something cute to start off the new school year?

Here are some 3.5 x 5.5 note cards for you to print and use in your office.

Inspired by an email I received from a new followerer,
 I decided to make these cute note cards.
You can use them to send messages to teachers or home to parents.

I'm hoping you can Right click, save, then print!


If R clicking doesn't work let me know and
I can email  the 8 1/2 x 11 page to you.

These last 2 are on 5x7 pages...
I really have no idea if this will work.
If not, email me and I can send you the
the JPEG images :)
I start back at work this week!- Ouch!
Where did the summer go?

Wishing all of you a great school year!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summertime!- again :) & a Printable Poem

I can't believe it is summertime already!
Where did the time go?

Today (Monday) is my last day for the 2011-2012 school year!
The underclass students finish up finals and then
I'll celebrate by eating lunch at my favorite
Mexican restaurant with one of my
favorite teachers!  I can taste the chips n salsa already!

Saturday night I attended our graduation ceremony
where one sweet girl (an observer)
whose  name I can't remember
passed out because of the heat :(
I hope she is feeling much better now!

I'm always prepared for at least one person each year
to pass out- isn't that horrible!
Next year we really need to advertise the
air conditioned, padded seats,
plenty of elbow room auditorium option!
They gymnasium- with little ventilation and
all those hot bodies- is quite an experience ...

Anyway, I've pretty much wrapped up the 2011-2012 school year
& am already working on my 2012-2013 To-Do lists.
I can't believe it! 
When is your last day?
What did you accomplish this year
& what are your goals for next school year?

printable BandAids poem
by Shel Silverstein

Something fun to print!
You should be able to right click, save, then print as 5x7.
If not, let me know and I will email you an attachment!

Friday, May 4, 2012

National School Nurse Day!

Did you know that May 9, 2012 is
National School Nurse Day!

Any School Nurse will be pleased to receive recognition on this day!

I'm hoping you're able to right click and save the picture below
then print as a 5x7 and present it to your favorite school nurse!

If that doesn't work (because I'm really not all that
computer fancy) please email me and I'll send
you an attachment!

Fisher Price

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Maybe you're not certain what  a Cholecystectomy is-
but I bet you've heard of someone having their gallbladder removed!
A cholecystectomy is just the fancy medical term for 
surgical removal of the gallbladder or in teenager language-
"gettin' your gallbladder out"!

For whatever reason it seems  I have been surrounded
(this school year especially)
by people who have had their gallbladders removed.
Want to know the weird thing?
The majority of these people are teenagers!
A few of these gals (I know, all girls too!)
don't really understand what a gallbladder is or does.

Gallbladder 101
So, what is a gallbladder you wonder-
I know it sounds weird... a gall and a bladder combined!

Basically, the gallbladder is a small hollow,
 balloon like "device"
located just below your liver.

The liver produces a substance known as bile.
Bile needs a home and so the gallbladder is where bile lives.

However, bile seems to be a bit of a wanderer
& after meals bile leaves the gallbladder
and enters the small intestine.  Once in the small
intestine bile helps digest fats.  Sounds fun, right?

Life can go on without a gallbladder,
but the poor liver now has a new job..
Not only does the liver continue to make the bile,
but now the liver has to store & secrete the bile too.
This can cause a whole new group of issues-
maybe for another post ?

picture link

We are born with gallbladders, but
evidently we can live without them!
Just like the appendix-
again, maybe another post?!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teens & Prescription Drug Abuse Follow Up

Do you remember my original post about teens & prescription drug use/abuse?

Well I finally received my free kit!
Since I still love having all of the papers to flip through I
ordered the free kit.  The same information is also available on line!

If you are a school nurse and haven't ordered your free kit- you should!
There is some really great information.
I am working together with our freshman health teacher
to include the videos and handouts into his upcoming lesson plans!

It might be hard for some of you to believe,
but I see/hear about it frequently-
(some) teenagers do abuse and use prescription drugs for
reasons other than the intended reason.
It may seem innocent enough, but there can be severe consequences.

Not only do teens abuse prescription drugs
that were prescribed to someone else;
but they also abuse prescription drugs that were prescribed to them :(

I wish I could share all of the information I learned from
the Smart Moves, Smart Choices kit in this post- impossible.

School Nurses- Click Here to Order Your Own Free Kits!
Parents- Check out the link below!

Parents You Can Make A Difference Right Now!

click above for the Dr. Pinsky Parent Information Site

The blurb below is from the same parent site!

"As a parent, you can be influential today by

starting a conversation with your child and safeguarding

your teen from prescription drug abuse."

"It can be convenient for your teenager to get his or her hands on
prescription drugs right in your own home.
Getting high can be as simple as going
 into a medicine cabinet and taking a few pills out of a bottle.
Research shows that 65 percent of teens who have
abused prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends and relatives.
Many teens incorrectly believe that taking a prescription drug
to get high is less dangerous than taking illegal drugs.
Adding to the danger is that teens often
mix alcohol and other illegal drugs with prescription drugs."

View all material Here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nike Ad - Who Remembers This?

I've posted this Ad before,
but I just LOVE it so much
& wanted to post it again!  ENJOY...

I probably first read this Nike ad over 22 years ago!
I still remember it.
I loved it then.  I love it now.
 I'm 99.9% sure it is in my attic somewhere (no joke)!
I want to share it with you so you can share it someone else!

The NIKE Ad that changed my life
(I think that was the title)

You were born a daughter.

You looked up to your mother.

You looked up to your father.

You looked up at everyone.

You wanted to be a princess.

You thought you were a princess.

You wanted to own a horse.

You wanted to be a horse.

You wanted your brother to be a horse.

You wanted to wear pink.

You never wanted to wear pink.

You wanted to be a Veterinarian.

You wanted to be President.

You wanted to be the President's Veterinarian.

You were picked last for the team.

You were the best one on the team.

You refused to be on the team.

You wanted to be good in algebra.

You hid during algebra.

You wanted the boys to notice you.

You were afraid the boys would notice you.

You started to get acne.

You started to get breasts.

You started to get acne

that was bigger than your breasts.

You wouldn't wear a bra.

You couldn't wait to wear a bra.

You couldn't fit into a bra.

You didn't like the way you looked.

You didn't like the way your parents looked.

You didn't want to grow up.

You had your first best friend.

You had your first date.

You had your second best friend.

You had your second first date.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You got kissed.

You got to kiss back.

You went to the prom.

You didn't go to the prom.

You went to the prom with the wrong person.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You fell in love.

You fell in love.

You fell in love.

You lost your best friend.

You lost your other best friend.

You really fell in love.

You became a steady girlfriend.

You became a significant other. 


Sooner or later,

you start taking yourself seriously.

You know when you need a break.

You know when you need a rest.

You know what to get worked up about

and what to get rid of.

And you know when it's time

to take care of yourself, for yourself.

To do something that makes you

stronger, faster, more complete.

Because you know it's never too late to have a life.

 And never too late to change one.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Free St.Patrick's Day Prints

I love taking pictures, editing pictures &
making fun, cute things to print.

I thought I would attempt something cute
for St.Patrick's Day!

Obviously, I'm not all that fancy
when it comes to some of this blog stuff.

Easy Button = I think you should be able to
Right Click, Save, & Print.
If that doesn't work email me and I'll
send you an attachment.

These were designed as 5x7 prints ...

I'm certain  your favorite School Nurse would
love to get one of these-
there is white space on the bottom for
your child to sign their name!

I hope someone uses at least one of these
& would love to hear from you!