Friday, December 2, 2016

School Nurse Assessment Tools

School Nursing Assessment Tools

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: We all know that nurses can't diagnoses. However, school nurses can provide a complete assessment and provide those finding to parents, students, staff and refer for further evaluation as needed. Having the proper assessment tools is vital for any school nurse.

It is already November and I'm feeling a little behind in my schedule because I'm into my 4th week of the CNA train-the-trainer course. I guess I forgot how much time it takes to take the student!

Monthly Notes From The School Nurse for November

You can tell by my picture I was thinking a lot about assessment. Nurses can't diagnosis, but  nurses can offer students and parents our assessment skills.  
  • Use the tools available to you in your office then purchase the assessment tools you need.  See some of my favorite assessment tools HERE.
  • Provide parents with all of your assessment data for them to share with their doctor or NP.
  • Document, document, document.- your results, your interactions, your phone calls & follow up as needed.

Comment a school nurse assessment tool you can't work without! Then check out The School Nurse's assessment tool list HERE


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What do I do now?

It's fall & I'm a new school nurse- What do I do? 

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: I'm a maker of lists!  I do this because I think I'll remember all of the details, but I know I won't remember all of the details. So, this post lists a few items I completed during a random month in 2016- October!

  1. By now you've should have a handle on your new student required health paperwork & you should have all forms turned in or students on an approved schedule.  I keep track of my "in-series" kiddos on a Google drive sheet!  
  2. My typical weekly follow up cases include- doctor related PE excuse notes, concussion status, & vision and hearing re-screens.  For these situations I use the old-school "piles on my desk" tracking system!  I will say the piles are organized, clipped together, and labeled; for now this sort of system seems to work :)
  3. I'm getting ready to schedule the yearly dental clinic.  We usually see 80-100 students over a span of three days.
  4. I'm also re-vamping the system I use to track IEP students who have a primary or secondary label of OHI & would love to hear if any of you have a system already in place- please share :)  *update- in 2020 I came up with a Google sheet. You can download it for FREE here.
  5. I'm also enjoying the GREAT, WARM weather we've been having in Illinois & look forward to watching the CUBS WIN game 7 tonight!!

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