Monday, January 23, 2017

Moms Who Care : January 2017

Moms Who Care Volunteers

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: My students, school families, and staff are blessed beyond measure to have the wonderful non for profit volunteer group- Moms Who Care- at our school on a weekly basis! 

I've written posts about the Moms Who Care (MWC) program at my high school,
but it is such a great program I want to mention it again. Hopefully there are some Moms out there who are looking for a volunteer program to start that can make a HUGE difference for the children in their community!

Requirements: a couple of Moms Who Care & a school willing to let you volunteer with students at the school!

Moms Who Care Mission Statement

    to help students achieve success by meeting essential needs such as:
    clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, and after school snacks

    They also help with proper interview clothes and required job attire and have coordinated with a local hair stylist to provide free haircuts for students in need.

    As a school nurse, I have seen many students come to the office with a variety of different physical complaints (headaches, stomach aches, general ‘not feeling well’).  It becomes concerning when I'm not able to come up with a reason for the complaints- especially if the complaints are happening on a regular and sometimes daily basis. 

    I found out, there were many times when the physical complaints were actually related to the student not having a basic need met. Maybe they didn’t have the proper shoes for PE, didn’t have the right type of calculator for math, or didn’t have shampoo or soap for a shower, etc.  

    This is where I started to understand the positive impact our MWC program could make with many of our "frequent flyer" students....
    Our typical MWC shopper qualifies for the free/reduced meal program and is between the ages of 14-18. Some live on their own and/or might even be homeless. Other scenarios include families who are in a financial transition period (parents divorcing, parent unemployed, etc).  
    The MWC program is an extension to the services available through the nurse's office; a way to treat and support the student as a whole person.

    By meeting basic needs, students are more prepared and ready to learn. 

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