Sunday, August 18, 2019

Medical Terminology Classroom Organization

How many school nurses also teach in the classroom?

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: In addition to being a school nurse, I've been teaching in the classroom setting since 2015 and love it! If you're ever given the change, I hope you take it and love it too. 

"I was awed by what school nurses knew, the fact that they teach AND practice medicine to hundreds of students, staff, and visitors." (Sarah Matacale BSN, RN, 2018)

Lesson Plans for the Classroom Setting

Are there any other school nurses out there reading this post who also teach in the classroom? 
Currently (2019), I teach in person classes at the local community college and also at the high school where I am the school nurse. I teach a college level Medical Terminology course to students who might be interested in a future career in a healthcare setting.

these products help me plan each 16 week course

  • House of Doolittle Lesson Plan Book- I've used this lesson plan for three years now and love it. It is inexpensive and I can easily personalize it with markers. It also has the M-F vertical style which I love and works out well since I am only planning out this one course. I write the dates & general daily plans in pencil (so I can easily erase and update as needed) one week at a time. I keep my more detailed outlines etc. in a Google drive folder organized by book chapter.
  • Yellow Highlighters-
  • Pencils-
  • Crayola Markers-

I also use the free version of Quizlet for my students.

Check it out HERE.


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