Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 2016

October 2016 - 

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This month seemed to pass in a flash!

  • By now you've should have a handle on your new student required paperwork & you should have all forms turned in or students on an approved schedule.  I keep track of my "in-series" kiddos on a google drive sheet!  
  • My typical weekly follow up cases include- doctor related PE excuse notes, concussion status, & vision and hearing re-screens.  For these situations I use the old-school "piles on my desk" tracking system!  I will say the piles are organized, clipped together, and labeled; for now this sort of system seems to work :)
  • I'm getting ready to schedule the yearly dental clinic.  We usually see 80-100 students over a span of three days.
  • I'm also re-vamping the system I use to track IEP students who have a primary or secondary label of OHI & would love to hear if any of you have a system already in place- please share :)  *update- in 2020 I came up with a Google sheet. You can download it for FREE here.
  • I'm also enjoying the GREAT, WARM weather we've been having in Illinois & look forward to watching the CUBS WIN game 7 tonight!!
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