The School Nurse

Here I am! My son took this picture of me :)
I feel sort of odd posting it; but really it isn't for me to look at, right?
It is a picture for my readers... so you know I'm a "real person"!

So, who am I?

I graduated from nursing school with my BSN in 1995.
My nursing degree has given me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings-
hospital, home health, health department, doctor's office, and schools!
While in college I decided to get my school nurse certification; one of the best decisions ever!
I've worked full time in the school setting since 1997 and love it!
In 2002 I received my MA Ed degree where I focused on curriculum and instruction.
I wrote a curriculum series to teach teachers how to
handle a variety of health issues in the school setting.
 I've also had a couple of other items published- maybe I'll blog about them :)
I started this blog for fun and a place to document some of those
"that really happened" stories and share what works
(& sometimes what doesn't work!) for me as a school nurse.
Enough about me....

I want to hear from other school nurses.

 Please share your stories and experiences...

P.S. All opinions, comments, interpretations, etc. are my own and are not those of my employee/s.  They may not represent current or accurate information either.  Thanks for reading!

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