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Timeline of The School Nurse and Diary Of A School Nurse Blog

 Timeline of The School Nurse

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: I started this blog way back in 2011. I wasn't sure what I was doing (and sometimes I still wonder if I do). But I am sure that I enjoy keeping this blog going and I hope you do too!

About The School Nurse

This is the perfect "tab" to start with because it explains who The School Nurse is and how & why the blog, Diary Of A School Nurse, began!

Diary Of A School Nurse

2011... The beginning of this blog! I remember creating this blog site while sitting on the deck in my backyard with one of my teacher friends. I had no idea that ten years later it would still be "a thing"! Yes, I think it's still a thing, but it is also so much more- Thanks to all of you :)


2011... I joined Pinterest sitting on a couch with the same teacher friend mentioned above! We both had a love for scrapbooking and Pinterest boards were right up our alley!  Over the years, my Pinterest account focusing  mainly around all things school nursing, health education, and teaching medical terminology.


2012... I created my first Zazzle storefront sitting by myself at a small round kitchen table. I still have that table, but no longer use it in the kitchen. Thankfully, I also still have my original Zazzle storefront and a couple more too!  The School Nurse Zazzle store offers items created with the school nurse in mind!

Teachers Pay Teachers

2014... I remember reading about Teachers Pay Teachers and thinking it was an amazing idea. I joined and starting creating items back in 2014. At the time I had a purple striped laptop and was sitting at a black wooden sofa table- I still have both! This store received a mini-makeover throughout the 2020 calendar year. Items offered include digital designs to save your mind! All products are electronic downloads (or is it uploads). The majority of the items are Google Drive docs, slides, sheets, and editable. Most cost a small fee, but many are free!


2016... I joined Instagram in 2016 on my cellphone because I thought it was a way to edit pictures! It wasn't until a swim mom friend told me my account was public and that she was "following me". I made a few settings changes then and have been posting fun photos and quotes for other school nurses ever since!

Facebook Page

2017... I was late to the Facebook party. Originally I joined to keep up-to-speed with my children's sports teams, then I decided to create The School Nurse page! Here, I share links to various articles, webinars, and other school nurse social media accounts.

Facebook Private Group

2020... This private group was created by The School Nurse for other school nurses as a hopefully helpful resource. Affiliate links are shared as well as hopefully helpful resources & practical tips. Members can also post questions, quotes, pictures etc for other members to see and comment on. Information in this group is available for members only and cannot be shared with others through Fb.

Facebook Public Group

later in 2020... This public group was created by The School Nurse as another (hopefully) helpful resource for other school nurses. A variety of school nurse related products are promoted via affiliate links. Posts are available to group members, but can be shared AND you can tag your favorite school nurse friend and coworker too. Members can also most questions, school nurse randomness, pictures, etc. for other members to see and comment on.

Amazon Storefront with Shoppable Photos

just a little later in 2020... The School Nurse was accepted into the #amazoninfluencer program! This means I can share entire idea lists full of great products with other school nurses. I can also post shoppable photos! A percentage of funds is made only when a purchase is made from on of these links. Money is not made for clicks, views, or comments etc.  

Kindle Direct Publishing

just a little bit later in 2020... I've always dreamed of writing a school nurse book one day! Using KDP was a great way to start this journey with school nurse specific journals, notebooks, and idea planners! Certainly my book will be published in the future too!

If you're still reading this, THANK YOU!

It was fun for me (and hopefully for you too) to look back over the last ten years.

Here's hoping The School Nurse is around for at least another ten too!

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