Saturday, August 29, 2020

Moms Who Care

It Takes A Village

Are you a school nurse who collects stacks of  clothes in your office cabinet "just in case"?

Are you a school nurse who keeps a hidden stash of school supplies for students who need them?
Are you a school nurse who keeps snacks for certain students you know will be hungry later in the day?
Are you a school nurse who desperately wants to help more students meet their essential needs,
but feel like you don't have enough time in the day?

Those statements described The School Nurse nearly eleven years ago!

Then, one crisp fall day in 2009, the future founder of Moms Who Care (MWC)
worked up some courage, called the high school and asked if there was a staff member who would 
be interested in receiving gift bags full of hygiene products for students in need?

Thankfully, whoever answered the phone that day 
transferred the call directly to the school nurse's office!
Little did the caller know, the service she offered was highly needed
and we immediately took her up on the generous offer; and so, our village started!

At the time (2009) of the call, 
The School Nurse had a large wooden cabinet in her office 
with curtains hanging on tension rods covering shelves 
overflowing with clothes, shoes, socks, hygiene products & 
a few snacks for students who would need them.

Now (2020), after offering services for over a decade to thousands of students,
The School Nurse has a committed group of volunteers with 
the MWC organization who have a large room in the school (with windows) 
full of clothing displayed on department store style fixtures, 
and custom shelving units with shoes, hygiene products, snacks and school supplies! 
There is also a separate storage room for off season supplies 
with an area to sort through donations and organize items. 
All donations are graciously given by generous community members!
To say the school nurse's students are blessed is an understatement.

Although the logistics of the program have changed over the years, 
the Moms Who Care mission has remained the same.

To help students achieve success by meeting essential needs such as:
clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, and after school snacks. 

Typically, the students who participate with the MWC program
qualify for the free/reduced meal program.
However, students are never turned away;
there are so many scenarios where a student might
benefit from participating in the program and
we would never want to deny help to a student who might benefit from the program.
Moms Who Care is a program focused on serving the student as a whole person.
The MWC volunteers understand when the basic needs of the student are met, 
then the students are more prepared and ready to learn.

For many years this program has functioned smoothly while students 
attended traditional in-person school.  Currently, there is new energy felt as we creatively come up with ways to continue the MWC program while our students are learning remotely.  Needless to say, the MWC volunteers and school liaisons are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve our students during this difficult and challenging time.

While the mission of Moms Who Care is to help students achieve success by meeting essential needs such as: clothing, hygiene products, school supplies, and after school snack we know they do so much more for the students too- more than written words can describe!

For More Information Visit the MWC Website here

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Virtual School Nurse?


Digital To Do List for The School Nurse

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Many school nurses are wondering what to "do" 
at work while students are participating in some type of virtual learning. 
This was me!  I'm working in the school building 
with staff present, but students are e-learning at home.

Since it is the beginning of the year there are many tasks that need to be completed
whether students are there or not. In fact, this is the first time in ever (!) that 
I have been able to work on collecting the beginning of the year forms 
without student interruptions. It seems foreign to me and makes me 
a little uncomfortable! I am so used to constant noise, commotion and multi-tasking
that this stillness and calm-like COVID chaos has taken some getting used to!

Anyway- I started writing down what I'm working on while the students are not 
in the building.  I'm 100% sure that I've forgotten to include a few things.
I also realize the tasks will change with any given day
according to what needs to be done that day v. what I want to get done-
How many of you totally get that!?

Please comment what you are working on too-
I would like to grow this list to help other 
school nurses come up with a plan.



Saturday, August 1, 2020

School Nurse Interview Questions

I'm interviewing for a school nurse job!
Now What?

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You had the courage to apply for a school nurse position 
during this uncertain, exciting and challenging time. (pandemic 2020)

Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Being prepared for an interview is an interview skill. Use time to be as prepared as possible and help yourself stand out from the other applicants.

Of all the applicants-
 you received a call to schedule an interview!

After the butterflies settle you might be asking yourself - Now What? 

If you've never worked as a school nurse before then 
you might be wondering how to prepare for your interview.

Being prepared should help you 
stand out from the other applicants.
Hopefully you'll get a call back and 
a second interview or better yet-

After receiving multiple emails & Fb messages with the same questions, I decided to write this fun booklet! Check it out :)

How can I prepare for my upcoming school nurse interview?

What questions should I expect to be asked at my school nurse interview?


Were you recently interviewed for a school position?
Please comment some questions you were asked & I will add them to this booklet. 

Best of Luck on your upcoming school nurse interview; I hope this information helps you!

Wondering what supplies you might need for your school nurse office?