Saturday, August 1, 2020

School Nurse Interview Questions

I'm interviewing for a school nurse job!
Now What?


You had the courage to apply for a school nurse position 
during this uncertain, exciting and challenging time. (pandemic 2020)

Of all the applicants-

 you received a call to schedule an interview!

After the butterflies settle you might be asking yourself - Now What? 

If you've never worked as a school nurse before then 
you might be wondering how to prepare for your interview.

Being prepared should help you 
stand out from the other applicants.
Hopefully you'll get a call back and 
a second interview or better yet-

After receiving several emails from readers with the same question- 
What to expect at a school nurse interview- 

Click here for a Google doc with some sample 
school nurse interview questions.

Were you recently interviewed for a school position?
Please comment some questions you were asked and 
I will add them to this Google form.

Best of Luck!

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1 comment:

  1. hi, i just had an interview yesterday and some questions asked of me were the normal what's my background in nursing, what attracted me to school nursing, what were my organizational techniques how would i maintain info for the children , how would i separate the medical aspect of the job vs the documentation, how would i deal with an irate parent, what would i do if there is a child who comes in daily complaining of abdominal pain , and how has the dynamics of school nursing changed with the development of the COVID pandemic. it was held virtually via google meet and there were 4 people present, the nursing supervisor, a family worker, a nurse from one of the schools in the district and the principal of the school.