Saturday, January 30, 2021



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If you follow The School Nurse on Facebook 
then you already knew monthly motto printables were on the way.

Guess what?  They have arrived and blog subscribers 

received a FREE 5x7 printable late Friday night.

Decorating an office can be expensive, but enjoyable.
I'm hoping these printables give you the option to add 
an affordable touch of personality to your work space- 
after all we spend many, many hours there!

Use these printables as framed decor on your desk or shelf.
Maybe even laminate and hang them on a bulletin board or wall.
I'd love to see pictures of what you do!
Please share photos in the comments of this post or 
send them to me on social media!

Other mottos will be added to The School Nurse 
Teachers Pay Teachers storefront
Teachers Pay Teachers storefront on a monthly basis too!

These colorful designs will be available as 
5x7 prints available to purchase for $2, 
instant download (or is it upload?).
Print, frame, and decorate...
or laminate and hang on a bulletin board!

Be Wise ... Sanitize; coffee mug

Monday, January 18, 2021



Updated to an Emergency Box!

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Do you remember the original emergency bag post from 2012? 
It is the most popular post from this blog!

AND ... for years I've promised an update, but 
as a busy school nurse the promised, updated blog post 
kept getting pushed to the back burner.

I finally took a few minutes to take a picture of my current emergency bag! 
That's right, it's not actually a bag- it is a BOX!

I still keep it on a shelf in my office for easy grab-n-go access.
I still have the same supplies as before, BUT
the supplies are nicely organized by like items in this box.

I've used pencil storage cases and made labels for each!
Need fancy labels?  These are printed from my computer 
onto regular paper then taped to the pencil boxes!

Even though the box itself is more cumbersome to carry than a bag,
I prefer having all like items neatly organized and labeled!

The pencil boxes are large enough that I can keep folded copies of
specific emergency action plans inside too! 
So far this new option has been working out great.

Hang tight for another update- 
in eight years or so :)

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I do not carry an AED with me to emergencies because 
there are seven located in various areas throughout the school.
Many school nurses (including myself) need standing orders for the emergency items mentioned above!

Friday, January 1, 2021

Newsletter Compilation


Anyone else like to over analyze their progress for a certain time period or project? 

Seems like the new year is always the time for a little over-analysis.

Anyway, the middle of December (2019), I decided to write informational and (hopefully) helpful newsletters for other school nurses. Turns out, I only wrote a few and not as consistently as my original plan, but that is OK.  Regardless, I received some wonderful feedback from other school nurses, made a few changes, and wrote on.  I'd love to continue with this in the future too.

for all the newsletters in one place

Please let me know what topics you'd like to read about... 

THANK YOU - stay safe & healthy. 

The School Nurse