Sunday, July 24, 2022

Nurse Brandi's School Nurse Office

School Nurse Office Inspiration Images from Nurse Brandi!

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip:  School nurse office inspiration is always a hot topic & school nurses want to see pictures of office spaces. Nurse Brandi hopes these images inspire you and help you design a space that works for you and your students. Think outside of the typical box in order to come up with your unique workspace design. 

School Nurse Waiting Room Boundaries!

One of the very first things that grabbed my eye in Brandi's office is her clear waiting room boundaries display! Boundaries are so important. We often expect students (and staff) to act a certain way, but we don't explain the way or our expectations. I'm sure she has to remind her students, but in time they will remember and they might even remind others :) Read my recent DOASN blog post on school nurse boundaries HERE

As you can see Nurse Brandi has made her waiting room expectations for the students very clear!
  1. Take a number and wait to be called- there are plenty of chairs available.
  2. Use a pen and post it note to write down your nurse question or color quietly while you wait. 

Use everyday items to make your life easier!

Another detail I noticed was her use of everyday clothesline clips to complete the set up! You could even use this as a history lesson as I'm sure the majority of students today might not know what clotheslines are :(

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I love everything there is to see on Nurse Brandi's "RN" wall, but if I had to pick a favorite then I'd have to go with the skeleton! I've always wanted one in my office :)  What item is your favorite at Nurse Brandi's treatment station?

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School Nurse ABC wall sign- super cute and I believe this is from Etsy but I could not find a link :(

School Nurse Bulletin Board Idea!

This anatomy related bulleting board speaks for itself! I'm sure this is an excellent conversation starter and educational tool- plus it is just fun to look at!  If you're a school nurse who doesn't have time to switch out a bulletin board on a regular basis then this option might be for you! You can keep it up year round and then add interested health facts to the board as you have time. Or better yet, you can ask you students (maybe a frequent flyer) to supply you with the health facts to use!  

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similar Where is the Nurse sign- I'm thinking you can feed a cheaper version on Etsy v. Amazon.

The Resting Area

Every school nurse office needs a couple of cots, right?  This area in Nurse Brandi's office looks relaxing and comfortable but not too inviting :)  My personal favorite is the sea foam bookshelf and the turquoise cot! I also love the chalkboard with the "Interesting Fact Of The Week" written on it. Asking a frequent flyer to help you with new facts every week is a great way to have them feel more involved and included.  

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Thank you Nurse Brandi for sharing your office with us!
You can connect with Nurse Brandi HERE!

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Boundaries for The School Nurse

 Do school nurses need professional boundaries?

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: I've been promoting boundaries on The School Nurse Ig feed for years, literally years. Boundaries will look very different from one school nurse to the next and between one school to another school. Regardless, they are equally important and should be set & followed.

What are professional boundaries?  

When school nurses set boundaries they are practicing a social skill. This social skill defines a specific areas in their life  (professional or personal). Think of professional boundaries like a set of rules, instructions, or directions that you use to define where your professional responsibilities end and your personal responsibilities begin.

What can happen when school nurses don't set professional boundaries?

Without clear and defined professional boundaries, a school nurse may begin to develop resentment for the job. They may feel taken advantage of, taken for granted, and/or underappreciated.

Why do school nurses need professional boundaries?
When a school nurse sets healthy professional boundaries, they may feel:
  • more in control of their time
  • like they have a more clear understanding of professional responsibilities v. requests
  • more confident saying "no"

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