Sunday, February 21, 2021

School Nurse Notebook / Calendar / Journal

The School Nurse Notebook

also known as a calendar and/or journal

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Helpful School Nurse Tips: Staying organized and remembering what worked from one school year to the next is a challenge for any school nurse. I have found that taking good notes helps the transition from one year to the next. What works for you?

It's a notebook, a planner, a calendar, and an organizer!

A couple of months ago I create The School Nurse Notebook 
with all school nurses in mind, but especially the new school nurse!
This is my very first experience using Kindle Direct Publishing with Amazon.

Check out this product review by my school nurse friend My Nursing Journey, 101!

The School Nurse Notebook
Manage Your School Days, Months, and Years!

Table of Contents

Common Monthly Tasks Pages
Pages for Common School Nurse Duties
Monthly Health Education Pages
Professional Goals Pages
Monday - Friday Daily Routine Pages
One Page Undated Yearly Calendar
Lined Pages to Document Details

You think you'll remember all of the details from one year to the next; 
but trust me, you will not remember all of the details!

Write what worked and even what didn't work.
Include contact names, numbers, and email address.
Document some awesome brainstorming ideas too.

In addition to written calendars/planners/journals,
I also use a digital calendar.
However, there is something about hand written notes 
that helps me remember- can you related?

Are you on the market for a new planning product?
If so, I hope you give this one a try!
The size is perfect too (8x10)!

Purchase your own school nurse notebook here.

Other school nurse options here:

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