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Health Information - Digital Teacher Tips Cards

 Teachers Pay Teachers for The School Nurse

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: As a school nurse knowing how to communicate with teachers is just as important as knowing what to communicate with them. Use these digital teacher tips to keep school staff informed on a variety of health needs in the school setting. Get organized today, you'll thank yourself tomorrow!

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is one of the most popular online marketplaces with educational resources for teachers and other school staff. 

What is Teachers Pay Teachers?

TpT is an online store created for teachers, but it’s actually a great online resource for all those working inside of a school (IMO). There are thousands of affordable, thoughtful, and useful resources available literally with the click of a few buttons. Most are available for less than a cup of your favorite coffee. Learn more about the Teachers Pay Teachers marketplace HERE.

The School Nurse has many free items posted HERE.

Products created and used by an actual school nurse!

The School Nurse joined this educational resource marketplace in May of 2014. The goal was to share digital products with other school nurses. Products that would hopefully make their day-to-day routines a little easier and more consistent from student to student.  In the beginning, the majority of The School Nurse’s items were PDF but now the majority of my products are available with instant Google drive- because that is what I use 99.9% of the time since my school is a Google school.  

The products listed for sale in The School Nurse TpT store  are products that I actually use in my school nurse practice.  Of course, I’ve edited out the specific school and/or student details, but the concept transfers between schools and usually states.  Worried, these products won’t work for you?  It is OK- the  buyer has the ability to edit and add information to make the product specific to their school and/or student needs.  What works for me, might just be a jumping point for you and just what you needed to get going or finish the next thing on your to-do list!

Overview of Teacher Tips Digital Health Information Cards

Digital health information cards were one of the very first products created and posted for sale within The School Nurse TpT Store! Today there are many updated versions of the originals AND many now have editable portions too!

Why Use Teacher Tips Digital Health Information Cards

As nurses, we often take our knowledge for granted and might even assume that others we work with understand or have a similar knowledge base regarding certain health conditions.

However, as school nurses, we are often viewed as the medical expert within the school setting. One of the roles of a school nurse is to educate others we work with so they understand what they need to know about certain medical conditions. Does that make sense?

Teacher Tips cards provide an opportunity to educate others within the school on a specific health condition. These teacher tips give broad information on a health condition and invite school staff to ask you for specific details as needed. 

How To Use Teacher Tips Digital Health Information Cards

Way back when, I used to print information sheets and hand deliver them to teachers or put them inside their teacher mailbox; I’m dating myself, right?!  Now, I include these digital Teacher Tips Health Information Cards within the body of an email message to teachers and/or add them as an IHP attachment in Skyward for a specific student.

EMAIL:  Since the Teacher Tips cards offer broad information, I have the option of including more student specific details within the body of the email; information staff would need to know. I can also include a copy of the 504 Plan or ask teachers to reference the 504 Plan for even more specific information. 

SKYWARD: Use Skyward to your advantage! If you have access to the Skyward Health module then consider uploading the teacher tips cards within the Health tab of Skyward Student Management.  Once you have your student screen open select IHP, then “Add File”, enter a form description and then Choose the Teacher Tips file you want to attach ( download as a PDF from Google prior to attaching in Skyward) don’t stop there- Use the Comment box to add student specific information or more detailed information you want to the teacher to be aware of. This is an excellent communication tool and resource between you and the teachers.  Especially at the 6-8 or 9-12 grade levels when student schedules change mid year or without notice. Make sure you utilize the Health Condition tab in Skyward too (great information for another blog post!)


In closing, the items I create and post are in my Teachers Pay Teachers storefront are actual items I uses- or very close variations of those items! These items are created and designed to offer consistency when working with multiple students and sometimes at multiple schools. Please comment if there is a specific health concern or school nursing task that you want to see digital items created for!

Click the pic to check out my entire storefront!

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