What really happens in the nurse's office?

Time to meet The School Nurse and figure it out!

Hi- I'm Elisabeth AKA The School Nurse and I'm here to help other school nurses navigate their journey into the uncertain world of school nursing by sharing hopefully helping tips, resources, & ideas. 

Diary Of A School Nurse blog is for you if:

  • You're a brand new school nurse
  • You've been a school nurse, but are searching for new school nurse ideas 
  • You're a nurse who wants to learn more about school nursing
I started the Diary Of A School Nurse (DOASN) blog in 2011 as a place to document "what really happens in the nurse's office". I thought it would be fun to share those unbelievable (HIPAA compliant) stories that might someday be turned into a book.  

Over the years though, the posts on DOASN are written more for school nurses who want another perspective on school nursing, are curious about another school nurses daily routines and how another school nurse tackles paperwork challenges! It has mostly become a place for other school nurses to find (hopefully) helpful resources to make their day to day work life a little easier.

While my nursing background includes a variety of settings (hospital, home health, health department, and doctor's office); my true love and passion is within the school setting. I am a loyal career school nurse with over 25 years experience and I want to help you on your journey as a school nurse.   

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