About Diary Of A School Nurse

Diary Of A School Nurse (DOASN) was founded in 2011 as a place to write about "what really happens in the nurse's office"; a place to document and share those unbelievable stories that might someday be turned into a book.  Over the years, Diary Of A School Nurse has evolved. In addition to sharing HIPAA approved stories, it is also a place to write for other school nurses.  A place to share another perspective, read about office ideas, and paperwork challenges.  Mostly a place to find (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks for other school nurses.  

About The Author

Elisabeth is the founder, owner, creator, and main author of Diary Of A School Nurse. She is most recognized by her alias- The School Nurse. She enjoys health education and promotion, she is a published author, and she is a loyal career school nurse. While her nursing background includes a variety of settings (hospital, home health, health department, and doctor's office); her true love and passion is within the school setting. 


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