Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lunch Ladies

The following poem was written
by a former student who promises
 (or threatens, I'm not sure... ha ha)
to return one day to be the boss!

This poem shows how much our lunch ladies
(and one gentleman) are appreciated!

Lunch Ladies 
to the ladies of lunch lady land,
we thank you for your helping hand

from cookies with frosting and sprinkles
the size as big as my shoe

you always have time to feed all of us
even the ones that make a big fuss

around thanksgiving i feel at home
the turkey and taters are great on their own

you always keep that great smile
even though you’ve been there quite a long while

you do so much for the students and staff
singing happy birthday and making us laugh

the smallest things can mean so much
like making a tray for the kid on a crutch

we’re like one big family -
the ladies of lunch lady land,
we thank you again for your helping hand!

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