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What Does A School Nurse Do?

School Nurses-

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Sometimes it is difficult to put into words (written and verbal) the duties & responsibilities of school nursing. Use information that others have put together for you to your advantage. Start with this article...

Charting Nursing’s Future
A publication of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

I first heard about this article from School Nurse Sue Dillon-
you can read the 2010 article here.
This is a great article full of research and statistics related to

“Unlocking the potential of school nursing:
Keeping children healthy, in school, and ready to learn.”


The article also helps answer the question-

What does a school nurse do?


I’ll mention a few things school nurses do according to the article here.


  1. Provide episodic care
  2. Manage chronic conditions
  3. Track communicable diseases
  4. Promote healthy behaviors
  5. Connect children with insurance and healthcare providers
  6. Handle emergency situations
  7. Handle life-threatening allergy and asthma events
  8. Respond to student's physical and emotional concerns
  9. Connect students with substance abuse treatment and mental, behavioral, and reproductive health services
  10. Screen for conditions that impair learning, such as poor vision and hearing
  11. Educate children about healthy lifestyles
  12. Ensure immunization compliance
  13. Develop health plants for students with disabilities
  14. Prepare for school wide and community emergencies
  15. Administer medication and provide first aid
  16. And so much more!
Really, there is so much more- According to a research article I recently read, there can be up to 80+ duties for a school nurse! Comment what would you add to this list?

Over the years, I've read a variety of poems related to being a school nurse. Of course, now that I'm searching for them, I cannot find them :(

Please email them to me so I can add them to this post. 

Thank you! elisabeth@theschoolnurse.llc

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