Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Embrace the Frequent Flyer

Published 11/01/2011 
Updated 08/07/2021

FFP : Frequent Flyer Program

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Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Yes, even in the school setting you will encounter frequent flyers. Learn to embrace them early on- you'll thank yourself later!

Embracing the Frequent Flyer

Embracing the frequent flyer is a conscience goal of mine every school year.  I'm frequently reminded of an article I read written by (most likely) the original and my blog inspiration school nurse Gerri Harvey! 

Gerri had a a very detailed website/blog for other school nurses titled: School Nurse Perspectives; it was one-of-a-kind and full of useful, everyday tips and tricks. I read her posts over and over again. Gerri has since retired as a school nurse and retired her blog, but I keep in touch with her through the gift of social media and am still inspired by her both professionally and personally.

What Gerri Said

Gerri discussed "frequent flyers" on her blog and she reminded school nurses that there is always something more to those student's visits. Do you think that is true?  I do; over the years I've learned that that is very true. 

Frequent Flyer Goal

Keeping Gerri's knowledge in mind, try taking another look at your frequent flyers. Instead of getting annoyed when you notice Student Idee walking through your door again, try to focus more on the why the are coming to see you again.

Does your frequent flyer student have an unmet need that is being filled by visiting the school nurse on such a regular basis?  As you build trust and a relationships with your students then you'll learn more about what they need from each visit. 

Learn to embrace their visits! You might surprise yourself and miss them when the visits stop!


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