Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Clean Air & Ears- Project SEVEN

Air Purifier, Otoscope, & Plant IV Bags

DonorsChoose- Project SEVEN

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: I use DonorsChoose to supplement my school nurse budget and I hope by reading this blog post you'll see how easy it can be for you to use it too.

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About This Project Clean Air & Ears

I loved the huge air purifier I received with my fully funded project six so much that I decided my office spaces needed two smaller versions!  We are going to use these in our treatment / cot rooms; the rooms where students with illness related symptoms go for assessments. 

The digital otoscope was to replace my all time favorite WelchAllyn that died and I can't figure out how to revive. I am pleased with this digital option; however, if you order one then I suggest finding disposable probe covers to order at the same time.

The IV plant bags are a huge hit with the students and add a fun touch to the office plants we keep alive over the years.  Below is a complete list of all of the items received with this 7th fully funded DonorsChoose project!

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Four reasons to start your own project today...

  1. DonorsChoose is very user friendly! Step-by-step directions are provided. 
  2. DonorsChoose collects all donated money. 
  3. DonorsChoose purchases the items you've selected.
  4. DonorsChoose has the items shipped directly to your public school!

start your very own project HERE

Even though this project was one of my more expensive (over $450!) than previous projects, it was still FULLY FUNDED in a fairly short amount of time!  I advertise my projects on my personal social media pages and ask my friends to share too. I typically receive donations from family, friends, and sometimes even complete strangers!

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