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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Knowing what to order is equally as important as knowing where to order from. I've taken the time to make lists and tips of some of my favorite school nurse supplies and a few other items too. I hope you find them helpful.


School nurses play a crucial role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of students and many times school staff members too. The school nurses are responsible for administering medication, providing first aid, and managing chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and allergies. In order to perform these duties effectively, school nurses need to have access to a range of medical supplies such as bandages, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, some medications and emergency / undesignated supplies. All supplies are used within their scope of practice and within school district guidelines. 

In addition to providing medical care, school nurses also play a role in promoting health and wellness among students. They provide education on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and hygiene, and can help to prevent the spread of illness by promoting good hygiene practices. Having access to adequate medical supplies can help school nurses to perform these educational tasks effectively and ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn.

Keep reading to find out where I order many of my school nurse related supplies:


My school district (and many others) have tax-exempt business accounts set up with Amazon. It works best for me to create a shareable Amazon list with the district person in charge of ordering. Once my request for items is approved then it is super easy for her to order the requested items!  Shipping is usually fast and free which are added bonuses! Ask whoever is in charge of ordering your supplies if this is an option for you too. Check out my storefront and supply lists HERE.

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)

TPT is an online resource store created for teachers, but it’s actually a great online resource for all those working inside of a school (IMO). There are thousands of affordable, thoughtful, and useful resources available literally with the click of a few buttons. I've been creating and selling digital products on this platform since 2014. I have many free products too. Since I sell variations of the products I use you will find the majority of the items are Google drive products. Check out the storefront HERE and read related TPT DOASN blog posts HERE & HERE. Grab a few FREEBIES HERE.


I've been creating and selling designs on Zazzle since 2012! You can view my storefront and one created by Your Favorite School Nurse by clicking the images below!


I have been successfully using DonorsChoose since 2021. Why?  Because sometimes their are items I need in my office or I want (to better the health of my school) and my budget just isn't big enough. To date, I've received over $3,000 in FREE products for my office which have greatly benefited my students. You might be able to too- check it my main blog post & individual projects by clicking the images below:


Currently, I have an Etsy store. However there is only one PDF product available for $1. I'm thinking about adding more items, I'm thinking about increasing the price of this item. I haven't done either yet, so take advantage of this discounted price while it lasts. 

There are also a lot of school nurse related decor items & digital products available on Etsy. In addition, there are many school nurses who have their own digital Etsy stores and I will attempt to add links to them at a later time.


Your school assignment and district guidelines will determine what the school nurses in  your district wear to work.  Here are a few online stores I like to shop at for business casual attire. 


Hopefully your office has at least one private bathroom!  If so, what do you use to keep it smelling fresh?  Poo-Pourri has many great options!  I've also been known to bring my own Mrs. Meyers hand soaps to work- they just smell so good!


It seems like school nurses are always looking for ways to keep their offices and themselves organized. When you're in the phase be sure to check out Oriental Trading and Dollar Tree- you can find amazing items at great prices that you can use in your office. I use digital calendars now, but I really appreciated my Erin Condren calendar years ago and if you still prefer paper/pen calendar for keep organized then this might be a great option for you too. 

IS IT 1980?

Sometimes, I still write checks as if it is still 1980! When I do- I check out (pun intended!) Checks Unlimited & you can too.


  1. Hi! I'm glad to have found your blog. I am doing research for a school project, and was wondering if school nurses have to pay for their own supplies. Do you have to pay for your own nursing supplies, or does the school provide them? Thank you!


  2. The school nurse has a budget like a teacher, we order what we need for our school with the budget the school provides. However there are some items I know I buy for my kids with my own money.

  3. I buy mini bottles of water every week or two to give to kids who need to take a bottle back to class with them; also juice boxes and peanut butter and cracker packs, mainly for low blood glucose diabetics, but sometimes just because they are hungry and breakfast is past and lunch is a long time off. I do have a health room budget that varies somewhat from year to year. I use it for occasional big ticket items like a digital scale a few years ago and a counter-top ice maker this year; also first aid supplies, etc.