Thursday, May 5, 2022

How Can A School Nurse Connect With Students?

People haven't always been there for me,

but music has. ~Taylor Swift

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Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Music can set the mood in your nurse's office. I prefer to have a loop of quiet aquarium type sounds playing on a laptop in my waiting room.  It is soothing and provides enough noise to buffer some office conversations. 


People love music; it provides a connection to a certain time in their life and brings back emotions. Think about your life and how true that is for you. I know for me, I've loved music for as long as I can remember. I was even "in the band" through high school and even two years in college!  So many of our memories are linked to certain songs- like we could have theme songs / playlists for specific times in our life!  Students can feel this way too-

Use your AirPod donning student's love of music as a way to connect with them. Find out what artists they are listening to and listen to a few songs. Listen to the lyrics & use this as a conversation starter the next time you see the student. You'll probably surprise them by showing interest in something they're interested in! You can keep musical conversation going throughout the year/s with your students.

In my free time, I'm creating a few Amazon Music Playlists for various times throughout the school year. You are welcome to listen to these playlists and maybe even create your own. One request- please let me know (comment or email) songs you think I need to add or playlists I need to create~ have fun listening!

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