Sunday, July 29, 2012

School Nurse Note Cards

Want something cute to start off the new school year?

Here are some 3.5 x 5.5 note cards for you to print and use in your office.

Inspired by an email I received from a new followerer,
 I decided to make these cute note cards.
You can use them to send messages to teachers or home to parents.

I'm hoping you can Right click, save, then print!


If R clicking doesn't work let me know and
I can email  the 8 1/2 x 11 page to you.

These last 2 are on 5x7 pages...
I really have no idea if this will work.
If not, email me and I can send you the
the JPEG images :)
I start back at work this week!- Ouch!
Where did the summer go?

Wishing all of you a great school year!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Moms Who Care FOUND

Who are the Moms Who Care?

Sadly, I don't remember the specifics of how
I found this group- or really how they found me.
And by finding me- I really mean how they've found
the time, money, kindness, and compassion for the last several years
to help the kids who attend the school where I am employed.
The  kids they help they have never met &
will never know!  They truly help out of kindness and a strong
desire to help and serve others; wanting nothing in return!

Yes, for the last few years those moms who care have
been donated  A LOT of personal hygiene items, food, and clothes.
I have a small wooden cabinet area in my office where I keep the items
and dispense as needed.  This has worked, but we've always
dreamed of having an actual room within the school
to keep more product and even offer more free services for the students.

Well.... these moms and I attended our most recent school board meeting
and having a room of our own is within reach!  We could have something
as soon as school starts- which is in just a few weeks.
In addition to this great news the moms were invited to attend a local
service group meeting to discuss their goals and possibly receive
donation items or money- at least spread the news.
We also received 2 other local contacts to reach out to
who might be willing to help us grow and expand!

Working with the Moms Who Care
has been a great collaboration between
the school & parents!  I'm excited for the
group to grow & to see what the
upcoming school year brings!

Gulf Shores AL
This picture is was taken while I was
on vacation & just a few days prior to the
school board meeting I mentioned above.
Even though I was on vacation and had a wonderful time
I still thought about my "real life" at home and what was in store for me
the Monday after we returned (the board meeting).
I'm so thankful things went as planned-
the Moms Who Care are thrilled & so am I!

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