Monday, December 21, 2015

November & December 2015

HI!  I have to write a duel post because I ran out of time 
to honor November in it's own special way :(

Here are a few things I learned or realized the last couple of months....

  1. I always think I'm going to have a lot of down time to get "things" organized for the upcoming semester, but it seems as though "things" get even busier!  How does that happen?
  2. Our Moms Who Care program is a wonderful annex to our community resource programs!
  3. I feel like there are enough situations that I am involved with or aware of that I could write episodes for a sitcom titled "The District Office" or something along those lines!
  4. I still like making lists :)
  5. I'm ready for a break! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

October 2015

Goodbye October....

Here's a few things I learned this October...

  1. No matter how many years experience I have as a school nurse there are days (sometimes weeks) when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing!
  2. October 15th can't have enough reminders!
  3. I like to need to drink flavored coffee every day!
  4. Most students will talk- just ask them questions!
  5. My new YETI cup really does keep my water ice cold all day long!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Saying goodbye to September

Saying goodbye to September...

If you're a school nurse you know how busy the beginning part of the school year can be!

Who am I kidding?  It seems like every part of the school year is busy, 
but for sure the beginning part of the year!

Here are a few things about myself as a school nurse ...
  1. I like using pretty colored pens in my calendar!  It just makes things look better.  If I can make my busy days look better then the days might seem more manageable!
  2. I like to re-purpose empty supply boxes.  See the picture in the upper right corner?  It was the house for non-adherent pads, but it now is a home for some passes I use on a weekly basis! And the vintage Band-Aid container (in the bottom right corner)- it just looks pretty! 
  3. I realized I would rather have one large (8 inch) To-Do stack in one area of my desk v. multiple  tiny stacks covering my entire desk!
  4. Work life is a little easier if you can stay organized!  I make lists of things to do, write notes in my calendar, I actually have a binder titled "book of lists" which is used as a reference for students who have received special passes throughout the year, and I try to compartmentalize areas in my office for certain, specific like tasks.
Feel free to share something about your office and routine! ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

School Nurse Day 2015

Happy School Nurse Day 2015

A wonderful card I received from an equally wonderful co-worker!

thank you CB!

I hope all of you enjoy your day and feel appreciated!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Funday...

Just to make you smile and laugh on this fun Friday!

I think this student really wants to drink ice tea at school!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


It's a good day when...

Someone unexpectedly brings you flowers!

yellow roses compliments of a former school board member!

She said they are a Thank You for all of the hard work I do :)

She is sweet.... She works pretty hard herself!

Although she isn't on our school board anymore;
she continues to volunteer countless hours with 
our Moms Who Care program!


Annie and the other Moms Who Care work with students every week 
who might be looking for a few needed items,
but are also looking for a few people who care.
The students are so lucky to have a group of Moms
who truly do care about them!

I thought this quote was fitting for today...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the History of School Nursing

Have you ever wondered about the history of school nursing?

How did it become that a nurse would be needed 
to work in the school setting so many years ago.

We know in today's world there are a variety of situations 
requiring the need for a nurse in the school setting, 
but surely it hasn't always been that way.  Or has it?

the history of school nursing

The idea of school nursing starting as an experiment!
In the late 1800s/early 1900s New Year City allowed 
1 nurse to work with 8,671 students.

The goal was to exclude students who needed to be excluded from school,
provide follow up care with the students and their families in order
for them to return to school as soon as possible.

Over that year the absenteeism rate decreased by 90%!
The experiment was so successful that New Year City 
hired 25 more nurses to work in their schools!

Although some of the needs students face today might be 
a little different than when Lillian Wald began the school nurse journey;
the goal is still the same-

promoting health in the school setting so students are ready to learn!

learn more about Lillian Wald here...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Free Samples!

Free Playtex Samples!

A parade of free tampons & liners made it's way into 
my office this morning and we were thrilled!

Earlier this school year we ran out of tampon samples 
and we only had pads available for the girls- some girls would be very disappointed.  

We were contacted earlier this year by the Teen Essentials program asking if we
would be interested in receiving Playtex Sport Combo pack 
to share with our active female students involved in school sports activities.
Of course we were interested & we've been patiently waiting for the delivery since the call!

The samples arrived today- 5 cases! 
Each case contained many sample boxes (I didn't count)
with 2 tampons and 2 sport ultra thin pads with wings... 
coupons too for the girls to use!

I looked for a website or link and couldn't find one :(
However, I did find an email address...

Good Luck! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Updating the School Nurse Store!

School Was Cancelled!

So, I updated The School Nurse Store!

There are occasional times when school closes because of the (bad) weather and
yesterday was one of those days!  I knew 'they' were calling for freezing rain,
but I didn't expect the local schools to close for a day!  It was a nice surprise.

Since I had a few free minutes I decided to update The School Nurse Store!
My store includes items designed with the school nurse in mind;
if there is a specific item you want me to design please let me know :)

While I was at it, I used some of the funds in my account balance and purchased this ...
I can't wait to get it.  I hope the size and fit is good!

school nurse zip-up hoodie
school nurse zip-up hoodie by TheSchoolNurse

Again, my store includes items designed with the school nurse in mind;
if there is a specific item you want me to design please let me know :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Another Office Tip

Every student in my high school has their very own manila folder health chart!
It really isn't anything fancy, but it is the home of all required health forms,
doctor notes, prescription notes, medication logs, copies of some emails- you know, 
just the basics!  A few times a week I need to pull a chart for a specific reason.

Maybe I am reviewing PE doctor excuse notes, charting vision & hearing screenings,
or completing IEP paperwork... Whatever the reason this school year I've taken those times
as an opportunity to really look through the charts and thin them out if possible!
More often than not I have found duplicates (even triplicates) of various health forms-
copied over the years as the kids have moved from one school to another.  

Those extra forms can be shredded!  

There is really no need to keep extra copies of the originals.

I am also lucky enough to have student's who empty our full basket of shredded papers 
throughout the week!  I shred anything that has identifiable information on it.  
I also shred other forms too, because you just never know!

I'm always looking for ways to keep the health charts organized.
There is a system and order for each chart too- maybe I'll review that one of these days!

What are some things you do to keep your student health charts organized and tidy?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

You're 'HI'- high?

Are you high?

Have you seen this floating around Pinterest?

I'm sure we've all said that at one time or another to a student with diabetes!
Then, as soon as the words leave your mouth, there is a student or 
staff member who looks at the both of you with
the above expression!  Makes me giggle :)

This year the high school I work at has three students with Type 1 Diabetes.
All of them are able to independently care for their needs,
but we are here if they need us.
I say "we" because there are three nurses!!

I have found having a well organized office makes life in the nurse's office easier!

One of the ways I organize the health  center is by grouping like items together.

Here are a few ways we've organized our diabetes supplies in order
to make our office space work better for us:

  1. Display the standing orders for hypoglycemia and the treatment supplies together.
  2. Use the updated district DDMP and 504 Plan papers.
  3. Group the completed forms together in the folder labeled "Diabetes Care Plans".
  4. Keep the "diabetes care plans" folder in our daily med binder and attach a copy to each student's "card"- the "card" is an old school 5x8 index card we use to chart daily visits- works for us!
  5. Provide each student a basket for their diabetes supplies.  They keep their basket on a shelf in the office.
  6. The shelf they store their supplies on is near where they test their blood sugar which is also next to the sharps container.
  7. Have a working agreement with the local fire department to properly dispose of full sharps containers throughout the school year as needed.
  8. Email each of the student's teacher every semester a diabetes digital information card.  I try to include the parents too in case they want to add more information.

These are just a handful of ways I try to make my work life more organized and easier!
What are some of the things you've done?  I would love to hear from you!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moms Who (always) Care

  1. Helped about 50 students this week find an item(s) they needed to make their week a little easier!
  2. Bought special requested items for several students!
  3. Had homemade chocolate chip cookies to share with all of the students who visited the room! 

Also- The Moms Who Care program was nominated by one of the 
school custodians for the local CI Hero news segment!   
You can view the video and read the article here....

 CI Heroes : Moms Who Care video and article link..

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

hope for the new year....

Happy 2015!

Do you ever feel like your time is flying by at a fast pace?
Yet, at the same time feel like nothing is really changing?

I suppose I'm not the only one who has felt that way before, right?

If I take the time to look closely I realize things are changing-
things change all the time! 

Surely 2015 will bring many changes too-
I am open to some unanticipated changes in my 
personal and professional life this year; are you?

As far as school nursing goes I made a few small changes during 1st semester
which seem to have made a big impact on my office time.

I'm hoping to share those changes with you this year :)

What are some things you've changed in your office to help with your daily routine?
I would love to hear what you've done!


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