Friday, May 12, 2017

March, April & May 2017

May 2017

Every month I have the best intentions to write the best school nurse blog post.
It would be funny, informative, and offer a helpful hint for running your office.
However, I have trouble finding the time to make that a reality :(

So, here it is May and I am trying to play catch up with my blog posts.
You forgive me though, don't you?  

There is something very fun coming soon....

A guest blog post from Gerri Harvey!

Remember her- the author of School Nurse Perspective blog 
and the School Nurse Christmas Poem?

I loved reading her writings and can't wait to include some of her thoughts on my own blog.
If you have a specific question for Gerri please email me or leave it in the comments below!

Enjoy the fast approaching end to another great school year!
-Elisabeth, The School Nurse

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