Sunday, October 18, 2020

FREEBIES for The School Nurse


FREE Samples for The School Nurse

+subscribers received this information last week+

How many school nurses have an unlimited budget with funds available for any purchase?
Not many, most school nurses have adequate budgets that cover the necessities.
I am lucky with a decent sized budget that covers needed items and a few wants.
One way to make your budget stretch is to search out FREE SAMPLES.

Are you wondering where to find free samples?
Don't worry- The School Nurse has started a Google doc 
listing many valuable items available for FREE!

The Google list includes links for items such as: 
Feminine Hygiene Products
Allergy Medication
AED grants
Diabetic Training Supplies
Epi Pens

If you find this list helpful then please refer others

to this blog post so they can view it too!

Do you have a free resource you'd like to add to the list?
If so, please post in the comment section or send details to

Many thanks and I hope you find this list helpful!

PS If anyone has a coupon for a free countertop nugget ice maker please let me know :) 

Remember to check out The School Nurse Amazon Storefront lists too!

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