Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teens & Prescription Drug Abuse Follow Up

Do you remember my original post about teens & prescription drug use/abuse?

Well I finally received my free kit!
Since I still love having all of the papers to flip through I
ordered the free kit.  The same information is also available on line!

If you are a school nurse and haven't ordered your free kit- you should!
There is some really great information.
I am working together with our freshman health teacher
to include the videos and handouts into his upcoming lesson plans!

It might be hard for some of you to believe,
but I see/hear about it frequently-
(some) teenagers do abuse and use prescription drugs for
reasons other than the intended reason.
It may seem innocent enough, but there can be severe consequences.

Not only do teens abuse prescription drugs
that were prescribed to someone else;
but they also abuse prescription drugs that were prescribed to them :(

I wish I could share all of the information I learned from
the Smart Moves, Smart Choices kit in this post- impossible.

School Nurses- Click Here to Order Your Own Free Kits!
Parents- Check out the link below!

Parents You Can Make A Difference Right Now!

click above for the Dr. Pinsky Parent Information Site

The blurb below is from the same parent site!

"As a parent, you can be influential today by

starting a conversation with your child and safeguarding

your teen from prescription drug abuse."

"It can be convenient for your teenager to get his or her hands on
prescription drugs right in your own home.
Getting high can be as simple as going
 into a medicine cabinet and taking a few pills out of a bottle.
Research shows that 65 percent of teens who have
abused prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends and relatives.
Many teens incorrectly believe that taking a prescription drug
to get high is less dangerous than taking illegal drugs.
Adding to the danger is that teens often
mix alcohol and other illegal drugs with prescription drugs."

View all material Here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nike Ad - Who Remembers This?

I've posted this Ad before,
but I just LOVE it so much
& wanted to post it again!  ENJOY...

I probably first read this Nike ad over 22 years ago!
I still remember it.
I loved it then.  I love it now.
 I'm 99.9% sure it is in my attic somewhere (no joke)!
I want to share it with you so you can share it someone else!

The NIKE Ad that changed my life
(I think that was the title)

You were born a daughter.

You looked up to your mother.

You looked up to your father.

You looked up at everyone.

You wanted to be a princess.

You thought you were a princess.

You wanted to own a horse.

You wanted to be a horse.

You wanted your brother to be a horse.

You wanted to wear pink.

You never wanted to wear pink.

You wanted to be a Veterinarian.

You wanted to be President.

You wanted to be the President's Veterinarian.

You were picked last for the team.

You were the best one on the team.

You refused to be on the team.

You wanted to be good in algebra.

You hid during algebra.

You wanted the boys to notice you.

You were afraid the boys would notice you.

You started to get acne.

You started to get breasts.

You started to get acne

that was bigger than your breasts.

You wouldn't wear a bra.

You couldn't wait to wear a bra.

You couldn't fit into a bra.

You didn't like the way you looked.

You didn't like the way your parents looked.

You didn't want to grow up.

You had your first best friend.

You had your first date.

You had your second best friend.

You had your second first date.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You got kissed.

You got to kiss back.

You went to the prom.

You didn't go to the prom.

You went to the prom with the wrong person.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You fell in love.

You fell in love.

You fell in love.

You lost your best friend.

You lost your other best friend.

You really fell in love.

You became a steady girlfriend.

You became a significant other. 


Sooner or later,

you start taking yourself seriously.

You know when you need a break.

You know when you need a rest.

You know what to get worked up about

and what to get rid of.

And you know when it's time

to take care of yourself, for yourself.

To do something that makes you

stronger, faster, more complete.

Because you know it's never too late to have a life.

 And never too late to change one.