Thursday, April 19, 2012


Maybe you're not certain what  a Cholecystectomy is-
but I bet you've heard of someone having their gallbladder removed!
A cholecystectomy is just the fancy medical term for 
surgical removal of the gallbladder or in teenager language-
"gettin' your gallbladder out"!

For whatever reason it seems  I have been surrounded
(this school year especially)
by people who have had their gallbladders removed.
Want to know the weird thing?
The majority of these people are teenagers!
A few of these gals (I know, all girls too!)
don't really understand what a gallbladder is or does.

Gallbladder 101
So, what is a gallbladder you wonder-
I know it sounds weird... a gall and a bladder combined!

Basically, the gallbladder is a small hollow,
 balloon like "device"
located just below your liver.

The liver produces a substance known as bile.
Bile needs a home and so the gallbladder is where bile lives.

However, bile seems to be a bit of a wanderer
& after meals bile leaves the gallbladder
and enters the small intestine.  Once in the small
intestine bile helps digest fats.  Sounds fun, right?

Life can go on without a gallbladder,
but the poor liver now has a new job..
Not only does the liver continue to make the bile,
but now the liver has to store & secrete the bile too.
This can cause a whole new group of issues-
maybe for another post ?

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We are born with gallbladders, but
evidently we can live without them!
Just like the appendix-
again, maybe another post?!