Sunday, August 25, 2013

Get Your Free Epi-Pen Now!

Once again this school year,

Mylan Pharmaceuticals is offering FREE epi-pens to schools!

Well, the same offer stands this year too!
I'm very excited because this is a huge savings for the Health Center-
which means there will be more money in my budget for supplies!
Keep in mind, a physician order is required, but should be easy to obtain!

Visit the website today for your free epi-pens!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer is Over... Keep Calm

Saying goodbye to summer...

I can't believe my summer is over!
The time really did seem to fly by :(
I'm sort of ready to be back into a routine and have a schedule to follow...
However, as soon as I get started
I will miss not having a routine and having small schedule to follow!
Anyway, remember when I was looking around for some basic first aid kits for classrooms?
I did find a very affordable option- they are ordered and I hope to share that find soon!

Hope you're enjoying your last few days of summer.

When do you go back to school?

What are your plans for this school year?

Here's a cute printable to get you through the first few weeks.
As always, if you want the JPG let me know!

Or buy it here!