Friday, August 15, 2014

another school year...

I can't believe another school year has started!  

The summer months really do seem to fly by!

I am blessed to have a job that I enjoy going to each day.
The students and staff that I work with  make my days brighter; they make me smile!
I hope you are looking forward to another great year too?
I would love to hear about some goals you've set for yourself.

Good luck getting through another year of helping students with illnesses, injuries, 
and emergencies, meeting deadlines, writing plans, attending meetings, 
following up on emails & phone calls, completing vision & hearing screenings, 
performing drug tests, referring to counseling programs, 
coordinating dental clinics, providing flu shots, 
promoting health and safety, teaching CPR, ordering supplies, 
being nice, caring for others, listening to others, 
and all of the other things we (school nurses) do throughout the year!

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