Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moms Who (still) Care!


Tomorrow will be Moms Who Care day at the high school!
This day of the week is highly anticipated by quite a few students.
Last week was the first day of this school year the 
room was open and there were at least 55 student visitors!

Today I was asked to give an impromptu interview for our local city newspaper.  
Along with pictures... UGH- I much prefer being the one who takes the picture :)  
I certainly hope I gave the information the readers will be looking for.  
I truly believe in our Moms Who Care program and could promote the program for hours, 
but I knew my time was limited today!  Now that I've had a few hours
to replay every second I was with the interviewer I am having a lot of those
 "Oh, I should have said this or that" kind of moments... You know what I'm talking about!

I supposed the article will be out in a couple of weeks-
about the same time I will have another awesome surprise for you! Stay tuned....

I will leave you with my recent Moms Who Care video... 
I currently LOVE making these Animoto videos... and I'm not getting paid to say that :)