Thursday, March 29, 2018

The School Nurse office bullet journal!

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Finally- a great idea!  

School Nurse Bullet Journal

A few years ago I started using digital calendars; which I love, 
but I missed writing things down (because I'm a natural list maker)!  

Towards the end of last semester I came up with (what I think) is a great idea to merge both- 
the digital calendar and my love of list making.

A sort of a daily bullet journal for your office! 

I still track all of my important tasks and meetings etc on my digital calendar, 
but I also write daily notes in my spiral!
It works great- especially as a reference book.  
I know how busy the office can get and you think to yourself
 "I'll remember that" but then a few minutes later you don't remember :(

Here is how I'm currently using this new office item...

  1. I date the top of each page
  2. I jot all of my "must remember" thoughts down
  3. I list to-do tasks and put a little X next to them when complete
  4. If the tasks doesn't get complete I write it again on the next page
  5. I list daily VH results so I can remember to log those on my digital spreadsheet
  6. I write down phone call information that I might need to reference at a later time too
The best part is that this spiral can be saved for years and used as your personal reference notebook. 

Let me know what you think & please share your ideas if you use a similar system :)

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