Monday, June 10, 2019



Have you said any of these statements before?

I really need to be more organized.
I can't remember how I did that.
I wish I could remember when that happened.
When did we complete vision and hearing screening last year and who did I notify?

As school nurses we are super busy- it's hard to remember everything, all of the time, right?  

In my office I love utilizing Google calendar and over this last school year I have been adding detailed (very detailed) descriptions for many of my yearly "to-do list" items. 
I even include website links, contact names & numbers, 
and tips/tricks on what to try for the next year.  
I'm hoping this new digital organization technique keeps me better prepared, 
saves time and of course keeps me more organized!

However, there are those times when I or one of the other nurses in my office says, 
"We really need to write this down!"  
In those times I am hoping this calendar with lots of "blank" space will come in handy!  
We have a wall calendar above the main office phone; 
the perfect location for any of us to jot down a "great idea"!

This wall calendar is also perfect for the new school nurse.  
This will provide space to take notes and then when there is more time (ha ha)
 to put those notes into digital form for future reference!  

PS The calendar can be customized for your school year months, I prefer August - July :)