Monday, April 20, 2020

No Contact Thermometers...

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The next big ticket office purchase... 
No Contact Thermometers!

I currently have three of the following Welch Allyn Sure Temp oral thermometers and 
absolutely love them. They are pricey, but seem to be accurate and easy to use. 
Buying the probe covers is an additional cost to consider too.  (affiliate links)

WA01690200 - Suretemp 690 Oral Thermometer by WelchAllyn

However, I foresee the need for (at least one good) no contact thermometer in my office.  How about your office?I've read some recommendations from other school nurses on my Fb page, & a reader recommended the Welch Allyn brand for a no contact option, but I can't find it anywhere :( There is a huge list of other brands on Amazon found here...but I cannot find the Welch Allyn forehead thermometer a reader referred to. 

Please comment a picture or link to your favorite no contact thermometer!