Thursday, July 2, 2020


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For all my years as a school nurse, I've worn business casual. 
This fall (2020-2021) though I'm actually debating wearing scrubs
What about you? 
Regardless of what is covering the majority of my body, 
I'm 100% certain a mask will be covering my mouth and nose; same for you?

During these last few months I've worn either a disposable mask or 
a homemade cloth mask when needed. 

However, I want to be prepared with variety of cloth masks each day- 
for work (if appropriate) & for my children to wear to school (if allowed).
I also want disposable masks available at home to use when needed. 

What does your return to school plan look like?
Cloth face coverings, medical mask, N95, shield, goggles.....

What does the return to school plan look like for students and staff?
Cloth face coverings, medical mask, N95, shield, goggles.....

Will your school have extras to hand out as needed or 
will you require staff and students to always have their own?


Ready or not, the new school year is right around the corner.

I decided it was time to get serious about planning and start ordering some supplies for myself and my school. I'm starting with myself now and am going to order several (probably 30) cloth face masks from SHEIN! I've ordered clothing items before and have always been impressed with the quality considering the low cost. For me, the shirts and swimsuits have been true to size. I'm hoping I'll be just as happy with my face mask order too!


At the time of this writing, SHEIN has 169 face masks in their "top rating" category! 
That seems like more than enough options, but I'll break them down for you too.


Nearly 400 options in this category! I prefer the animal print patterns, what about you?


With 145 floral print options and 62 ditsy floral masks, 
there is sure to be a favorite for every flower lover out there!


There are even 123 plain options!

Stay safe & healthy-

PS I always order the minimum to qualify for free shipping too (typically $49)