Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Top Blog 2018

Can you believe it?

Thanks to you, this blog was named one of the top nursing blogs for 2018!

I'm surprised because I feel like I haven't had the time I once had to devote to writing.

I would love for that to change- maybe more writing in 2019!

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Thank you so much!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Getting Organized.....

Let's get organized....

I enjoy a healthy level of organization.  
Over the years, I've learned it is easier for me to be organized at work 
than it is in my persona life- imagine that :)  

Here are a few tools I use at work to help me stay organized...
I would love to hear what you use to stay organized and one step ahead of the game!

1. A file, paper, chart alphabetized organizer!  

All of our papers are organized by last name in this handy device until there is time to file them.  
If  you had two of these you could use one for every day filing and the other to help organize forms for the most recent project you are working on- these days probably physical exam and shot records...

2. Clear, plastic bankers boxes!  

These are great for a variety of projects.  
We use cardboard boxes (but I would recommend plastic) 
a lot at the beginning of the year to sort the charts of incoming students into different piles.  
We label our boxes too... usually titles like "up-to-date. OK to file",
 "NEED physical and/or shot records", "Review before filing"... You get it :)  
There are just over 1,000 students at my school and we use at least 5 of these per school year.

3.  Index Cards! 

It may sound old-school, but we still chart on these white index cards!  
We use one per student until they graduate.. 
Some students cards fill up quickly and others will never have anything but their ID sticker on them!  We use at least 600 cards per year :)

4.  Labels... 

We put a student label on the upper left corner that includes: student last name, first name
Graduation Year
ID #
We print two sets of labels each year for the incoming freshman class- 
one for their "card" and one for their "chart".

5. Charts- 

Every student has their own chart as I mentioned above.  
Only the incoming freshman will have nicely printed labels; 
the others we hand write the information :)  
Depending on the year we usually need 300-500 of these!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Happy School Nurse Day!

Image may contain: one or more people, flower, plant and text

I read so many wonderful testimonies to school nurses everywhere today...
Happy School Nurse Day

I hope all of you had a wonderful day and felt appreciated at least once!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's not too early....

Who else is wrapping up this school year and
at the same time prepping for the start of next school year?

After the new fiscal year begins I get approval to place a large order.

I like having enough supplies to get through the first few months of a new school year 
before I need to order again :)

Here are some of my must haves...

School Health Adhesive Bandages, Flexible Fabric

Always Thin Ultra Maxi Pads

Welch Allyn SureTemp Plus Model 690 and Accessories

I have a few wish list items too.... I'll post about those soon :)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The School Nurse office bullet journal!

Finally- a great idea!  
A few years ago I started using digital calendars; which I love, 
but I missed writing things down (because I'm a natural list maker)!  

Towards the end of last semester I came up with (what I think) is a great idea to merge both- 
the digital calendar and my love of list making.

A sort of a daily bullet journal for your office! 

I still track all of my important tasks and meetings etc on my digital calendar, 
but I also write daily notes in my spiral!
It works great- especially as a reference book.  
I know how busy the office can get and you think to yourself
 "I'll remember that" but then a few minutes later you don't remember :(

Here is how I'm currently using this new office item...

  1. I date the top of each page
  2. I jot all of my "must remember" thoughts down
  3. I list to-do tasks and put a little X next to them when complete
  4. If the tasks doesn't get complete I write it again on the next page
  5. I list daily VH results so I can remember to log those on my digital spreadsheet
  6. I write down phone call information that I might need to reference at a later time too
The best part is that this spiral can be saved for years and used as your personal reference notebook. 

Let me know what you think & please share your ideas if you use a similar system :)

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