Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Getting Organized.....

Let's get organized....

I enjoy a healthy level of organization.  
Over the years, I've learned it is easier for me to be organized at work 
than it is in my persona life- imagine that :)  

Here are a few tools I use at work to help me stay organized...
I would love to hear what you use to stay organized and one step ahead of the game!

1. A file, paper, chart alphabetized organizer!  

All of our papers are organized by last name in this handy device until there is time to file them.  
If  you had two of these you could use one for every day filing and the other to help organize forms for the most recent project you are working on- these days probably physical exam and shot records...

2. Clear, plastic bankers boxes!  

These are great for a variety of projects.  
We use cardboard boxes (but I would recommend plastic) 
a lot at the beginning of the year to sort the charts of incoming students into different piles.  
We label our boxes too... usually titles like "up-to-date. OK to file",
 "NEED physical and/or shot records", "Review before filing"... You get it :)  
There are just over 1,000 students at my school and we use at least 5 of these per school year.

3.  Index Cards! 

It may sound old-school, but we still chart on these white index cards!  
We use one per student until they graduate.. 
Some students cards fill up quickly and others will never have anything but their ID sticker on them!  We use at least 600 cards per year :)

4.  Labels... 

We put a student label on the upper left corner that includes: student last name, first name
Graduation Year
ID #
We print two sets of labels each year for the incoming freshman class- 
one for their "card" and one for their "chart".

5. Charts- 

Every student has their own chart as I mentioned above.  
Only the incoming freshman will have nicely printed labels; 
the others we hand write the information :)  
Depending on the year we usually need 300-500 of these!


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