Saturday, August 10, 2019

Getting Organized....

In my personal life, I LOVE Amazon!  Thankfully, my school district does too and they have an account set up for taxes are not included and we receive the free, quick shipping!  Over the years I've used a variety of school health vendors, but the last couple of years Amazon has been my favorite!

I thought I would try to create a new page within this blog to highlight some of my office must haves!  These will be items that I actually use and make my daily routine easier :)  

Are there any specifics you are curious about or any items you really want to learn more about?  


DOCUMENT SORTER...this paper/document organizer is a must have for all of the beginning of the year piles!  As busy school nurses, we know filing sometimes takes weeks, but this device lets you organize the piles for easy access if you need to reference something before you have time to get all of the filing complete!   
commissioned link: paper/document sorter


*Links used in this post are affiliate links.  I receive a small commission if items are purchased from the link.

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