Saturday, August 1, 2020

School Nurse Interview Questions

I'm interviewing for a school nurse job!
Now What?

You had the courage to apply for a school nurse position 
during this uncertain, exciting and challenging time.

Of all the applicants you received a call to schedule an interview!

After the butterflies settle you might be asking yourself - Now What? 

If you've never worked as a school nurse before then 
you might be wondering how to prepare for your interview.

Being prepared should help you 
stand out from the other applicants.
Hopefully you'll get a call back and 
a second interview or better yet-

After receiving several emails from readers with the same question- 
What to expect at a school nurse interview- 

Click here for a Google doc with some sample 
school nurse interview questions.

Were you recently interviewed for a school position?
Please comment some questions you were asked and 
I will add them to this Google form.

Best of Luck!

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