Sunday, September 15, 2013

School Nurse Office Decor and Set Up


What does your dream health center or

school nurse's office look like?

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Lately, I've been dreaming of a spacious, organized, lovely new health center!
Reality is... I'll have to make do with the space I have.  Since I've worked in the school setting for 17+ (seriously) years I realize that the space I have is GREAT!  However, I can always dream, right?!
Here are a couple of random office pictures:
The above four pictures are from "my office".
I try to keep it somewhat organized- it is actually a rather large office and a space we use for extra storage, health charts, and vision & hearing screenings. 
This school year I was gifted a "new desk"-
it is really two tables pushed together in an L shape
and I'm sure the pieces are 20+ years old, but they weren't being used and are in great condition!
They beat the folding table and yucky old desk I had used for the last 6 years. 
Anyway.... one of the new desks has a topper on it for my computer monitor and the guys
found me short filing cabinets to fit under each side for
drawer space! I love it- I should have taken a picture :) 
I joke the new desk is so nice I finish twice as much work in half the amount of time!

Those are pictures of the school nurse's "waiting room" area.
There is a clip board for students to sign in and out,
free fruit (we get a basketful everyday from the wonderful cafeteria ladies),
and two old (!) cots for students to sit and wait for us. 
See the picture of the lockers? 
Below the picture we have the schedule printed for the kids...
then below that you see the little square colored pieces of paper? 
Those each correspond with a class period. 
If we have passes that need to be delivered for students we hang our passes there. 
Each class period we have 2-3 student messenger who sit a little round table below that sign-
they deliver passes for us, fill our water pitcher, make ice packs, and make us smile & laugh- remembering what it was like to be a teenager!

... school nurse treatment area desk ...

The above is actually a pencil drawing (from a former student) of a portion of the clinic are. 
This is where the students and staff are cared for!
It is a hodge-podge of old cabinets and desks
mixed with our new cots and desk chairs!
I've seen my share of health centers or nurse's offices
and so I realize how very lucky we are to have the space we have!
If I were allowed to dream though- I would redesign this space (a little bit!).
Moving walls probably aren't in my near future-
but if it were I have some grand plans in my mind!
My "short list" of dreams include:
  1. new office cabinets that match and are functional!
  2. a counter space area for supplies and an area for the students to check their blood sugar.
  3. new flooring.
  4. a new refrigerator- ours is very old!
  5. a new microwave- ours was purchased in 1992!
  6. one of these (affiliate link) FABULOUS ice makersAlthough I would like to have one in  my home; I would LOVE to have one in my office. Can you imagine making ice packs on an as needed basis with these awesome little tiny nugget ice pieces?!  I dream of that day (is that weird?)! 

What does your nurse's office look like?

Do you love it?

Are there things you want to change in your office?

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