Sunday, May 19, 2024 - NEW WEBSITE!

The School Nurse LLC

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Don't worry Diary Of A School Nurse blog isn't going anyway, but I've got some exciting news to share! A brand-new website designed just for school nurses; please check it out at and let me know what you think! Read on for an overview of the four main pages...

A few of you have emailed me wondering where I've been-  Well, I've been busy creating this brand new website just for school nurses!  My goal is to fill it with valuable, convenient, online Continuing Education classes specific for school nurse. I have one course available now and will be adding more soon. So, be sure to SIGN UP FOR COURSE NOTICES and SUBMIT COURSE IDEAS! I want to create courses that you want to take! As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encourage!

The HOME Page

This is where you can learn a little more about me and The School Nurse LLC. There are tabs across the top which will direct you to other pages with the new website too.


The courses page is where you'll find all of the courses created and available for school nurses! My goal is to have one ready to go the by the end of this school year (fingers crossed!). You are encouraged to submit course topic ideas on this page too.


The community collaboration and resources page will offer essential tools, connections, and knowledge to help school nurses. Join us as we build a supportive community dedicated to advancing the field of school nursing.


This is a basic contact me page. Feel free to reach out and I'll reply as soon as possible.


I help school nurses navigate their way through the exciting yet sometimes overwhelming world of school nursing! Are you interested in learning more? Schedule a one-on-one, virtual meeting to address your specific questions and challenges in a confidential and supportive environment.


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