Saturday, November 16, 2019

Top 5 on Zazzle

Have you ever visited my Zazzle store?

There is a link on the Right side- you should take a look :)

Here are my top 5 Zazzle sold items in the last 30 days.... 
See anything you can't live without?
Affiliate links- click on the item description to see the actual product.

  1. Super cute School Nurse zip up hoodie.
  2. Self-inking "Return to Class" stamper!
  3. RN with medical symbol zip up hoodie!
  4. Pass Required ... wooden box wall decor!
  5. Post-It Note style school nurse office passes.
One of the nice things about Zazzle is that you can customize most of my items.
Add your own name, office number, contact information, etc.
Personalize these items to make them work for you.
my #zazzlemade store

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Splinter Out-

Splinter Out- Get Them IN Your Office Now!

Are you looking for one new item 
to add to your school nurse office this year?  

If so, consider this- Splinter Out; they are perfect for removing those tiny splinters that are impossible to remove with tweezers!

This item is a staple (no pun intended) in my office.
I'd love to hear if you use them too! 

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Off Brand Option-

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

3 things I need @ work...

My recent Facebook Post...

I see a theme among these three things I can't live without at work...
My watch (I need to know what time it is), 
my 24 oz Starbucks coffee cup (I need caffeine) and 
my blue light blocking glasses (I need not have a headache). 
What about you? 
What are three things you need to make it through your work day?

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Starbucks 24 oz Cup -
Starbucks 16 oz Cup -
Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses -

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Classroom Organization

My recent Facebook Post... went something like this...

Lesson Plans for the Classroom

Are there any other school nurses out there reading this post 
who also teach in the classroom? I do
At the high school, I teach a dual-credit Medical Terminology!

These are the products I use to help me plan my 16 weeks in the classroom.
For the last three school years I've ordered this lesson plan book from Amazon; 
it is inexpensive and easily personalized with markers! 
I prefer the M-F vertical style since I am only using this book to plan for one class. 
I write the dates & general daily plans in pencil 
(so I can easily erase and update as needed) one week at a time. 
I keep my more detailed outlines etc in a Google drive folder organized by book chapter.

How do you organize your classroom lessons?
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House of Doolittle Lesson Plan Book-
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Crayola Markers-

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