Friday, May 4, 2012

National School Nurse Day!

Did you know that May 9, 2012 is
National School Nurse Day!

Any School Nurse will be pleased to receive recognition on this day!

I'm hoping you're able to right click and save the picture below
then print as a 5x7 and present it to your favorite school nurse!

If that doesn't work (because I'm really not all that
computer fancy) please email me and I'll send
you an attachment!

Or, if you've waited until the last minute 
you can send an e-card from NASN by clicking the link here!

Fisher Price


  1. Such a great idea! I felt compelled to point out, however, since this is a printable, that there is a typo in the very first word!! HAPPY is misspelled. If you could fix that I think it would be an awesome ecard for any school nurse. :) Sorry to point that out but I would want to know if it were mine. Have a fab day!!

  2. THANKS Shar! What a basic typo :)
    It is fixed now :)
    Thanks again.


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