Monday, April 15, 2013

i am a foster child...

Do you know a foster child?

I know a few ...

There is one in particular who has been on
my mind and in my heart these days.
I'm sure her story is similar to many others,
and it breaks my heart to think about her!
Tonight I told my own little girls
how happy I was they were able to live in our house with me.
They had no idea what I was really talking about, but went ahead and agreed with me!
What I was really talking about is how sometimes I take all that I have for granted...
then I am reminded during my work day that a lot of kids only wish
for a portion of the things I take for granted :(
How selfish of me!
And so.... here is another I AM POEM ...



Do you know a foster child?

Can you relate to this post?

I would love to hear from you!



  1. My nephew is adopted from the foster care system. He was 4 1/2 when he came to live with my sister and brother in law. Sometime I will have to tell you about him. I just love him to pieces :)

  2. I saw this and immediately started crying. I am a foster child and this describe me in more ways than i can explain. I would love to tell you my story.

    1. Savanna-
      Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your story!

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  4. if you could contact me at my email at:

  5. Hi im doing a speech on this poem and i would love to know who wrote this poem?

    1. Hi Tammy-
      I wrote the poem. You can use it for your speech as long as you give me and my site credit.
      I will email you too :) Best of luck!


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