Sunday, March 17, 2013

i am the school nurse


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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Writing is an excellent way to share our personal school nurse stories and to help spread awareness about school nurse as a profession. These are two of my I AM poems about being a school nurse. Read mine, then submit yours today!

Yes, I Am The School Nurse

Writing these poems gives me and other school nurses the chance to document who we are professionally and a particular time in our school nursing career. Over the years the poems will change depending on our situations, experiences, and current issues.

The original 'I Am The School Nurse' poem was posted on September 28, 2011
It refers to who I was as a school nurse at that particular time in my career. I then wrote another poem (2013) which represented more closely that time in my professional life and those different experiences I was dealing with. I wish I had written something similar back in 1996 when I first started school nursing- how interesting would that be to read today!?

2013 I Am The School Nurse Poem

2011 I Am The School Nurse Poem

How have you changed over the years?
Is there a particular situation or student that really stands out in your mind?


  1. I have never been really touched by a child who had no guidence or anyone who really parented him until Kid #3 had the same boyfriend for 3 years. I am sure you know the one :) I love that boy like his is my own even though he is not Kid # 3 boyfriend anymore. I truely hope that he just graduates high school. I really believe he got this far because we loved him and tried to guide him in the right way because he has never got that at home. At first I was just shocked by his lack of parenting from his own parents. Now it just pisses me off! If he is lucky enough to graduate he will be the first one in his family and probably the only one. It makes me so sad for him. I could go on and on about that forever!

    1. Yes if course I know who:) and because you've reminded me I am going to check on him this week!

    2. Good I am glad to hear that. One year, Sophmore or Junior year, his parents would not buy him any school supplies. He had a job so they thought it was up to him to buy his own. I bought them for him. At registration this year, they would not go and register him. He went and did it himself. I have many many other stories I could tell. Lots and lots of things that he needed help with and they were not there for him. It makes me feel better to know there are other people looking out for him :)

    3. Sadly there are others in his same position :( I am going to introduce him to the Moms Who Care too! I know your family was very kind to him!

  2. I love the differences in the 2 poems. I am so glad I found your blog!