Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i am a student with drug addiction... I Am Poem

Student Drug Addiction

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip: Even young children / young adults can struggle with very grown up issues. School nurses in the middle school / high school setting will see this first hand at some point in their career. When it happens, it is usually shocking, saddening, and makes you feel helpless.

It's Complicated

People of all ages struggle everyday with addiction.

As a school nurse, one part of my job is to explain the school district's drug / alcohol counseling program and to gather urine samples for drug/alcohol urinalysis.
This part of the job can be very emotionally draining.

I see a lot of kids who look like every day teenagers on the outside,
but on the inside they struggle deeply with some very "grown up" problems.

To help keep myself focused on what needed to be done &
instead of "worrying" about things I have absolutely zero control over-

I wrote a poem...

I know you're not surprised! 
I've written other poems before; it seems to be therapeutic for me!
It might be therapeutic for you too- give it a try with this guided form.

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