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RESET Your nursing career- Consider being a school nurse!

5 Reasons to Consider Being a School Nurse

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Hopefully Helpful School Nurse Tip:  Adults spend many, many hours working. Hopefully you have a job you LOVE. There are countless numbers of nurses who LOVE working as school nurses! Are you one of them? Do you wish you were?  Read on...

Craving a career where you have the ability to build an atmosphere of acceptance, provide health education, & disease prevention skills? A career filled with countless unbelievable stories to share with all of your nursing friends? If so, being a school nurse might be a nursing career for you!

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There are so many wonderful aspects to this career, but I only have time to share a few with you. Read on to discover (in my opinion) five features of this nursing specialty that may help you RESET your nursing career as a school nurse!

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Tired of not having enough time to spend with your patients, tired of feeling too rushed to really care? School nurses are very busy, but they also have the capability of really getting to know their patients, their students! They have the pleasure of working with their students, student families, & school staff for many years in a row. Imagine the impact a school nurse can make on the minds of those they have the gift of helping & educating day-after-day and school year-after-school year?

Building ongoing relationships is one of the major highlights of being a school nurse. Many school nurses receive notes of thanks and appreciation from current and previous students, families, and even staff members throughout their school nursing careers and even after!

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School nurses enjoy the challenge of making each student visit an educational opportunity to teach health promotion and disease prevention & care for the medical needs of their students on a daily basis. They take an active role in the daily health needs of students by providing minor fist aid care, caring for ill children, and monitoring state school health requirements for students.

In addition, it is not uncommon for school nurses to follow doctor orders to administer medications and g-tube feedings, monitor asthma and CF peak flows and/or O2 levels, and help with carb counts and insulin dosing. All the while teaching students to understand their health needs and how to advocate for themselves.

Some say it takes a perfect mix of art and science to work as a school nurse in the education setting. School nurses are usually the only medical professional within the walls of a school and therefore have a great deal of responsibility for those inside the school. They must be ready to respond to a potential medical emergency at any given time.

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There are a variety of school settings available for nurses ranging from early education, elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond; there are even remote school nurse positions available. Each setting has unique responsibilities, challenges and opportunities.
Regardless of the setting, school nurses are needed in every school. The percentage of children with chronic health needs attending school increases each year and so, there is a considerable need for nurses to be present in each and every school setting.

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School nursing is the perfect environment for a confident nurse who appreciates working autonomously or with a small team.

School nurses should have an office area they are able to arrange and organize in a way they see fit to maximize the space and provide a good work flow for the daily office routine.

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Another amazing bonus of working as a school nurse is the work time with a set schedule! Even though a school nurse's office can be very involved, busy and chaotic, there is a routine of sorts. With that routine comes a set end to each work day and the promise of a fresh start the next school day.
In addition to the set work schedule, there is also the potential for personal and sick days. Also, the majority of school districts have school calendars planned months in advance which include scheduled days off and holiday breaks! i.e. SUMMER
These guaranteed days off and scheduled breaks provide a school nurses an opportunity to enjoy time with family and friends, read books for fun, catch up on personal appointments, work a part time job, and/or just relax, sleep in and drink coffee any time of the day or night!


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